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hutch upto move slightly, in order to make room for someone; for example to move in a bed to make room for someone else to lie, or to move sideways on on a seat so as to allow someone room to sit and share that same seat.Rate it:

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hutch upto share a house or flat with another person, especially due to high rentsRate it:

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hutch upto put on a more heterosexual manner, in order to be integrated or accepted; compare ‘butch’Rate it:

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rabbit onTo talk for an exceedingly long time, annoying the audience.Rate it:

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rabbitCaught like a rabbit in the headlights.Rate it:

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the rabbit diedA statement spoken to indicate one's own pregnancy, or that someone has found out they are pregnant.Rate it:

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rabbit holeA way into a bizarre world.Rate it:

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horse and rabbit stewA mixture of the crude and the delicate in grossly unequal quantities, with the crude overwhelmingly dominant.Rate it:

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kill the rabbitTo get a positive test result from an old-fashioned pregnancy test.Rate it:

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let the dog see the rabbitGet out of the way, so I can see what I'm doing.Rate it:

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pull a rabbit out of a hatTo do something surprising or beneficial.Rate it:

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Pull a Rabbit Out of HatTo magically produce something much needed, to find out a solution all of a sudden or unexpectedlyRate it:

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pull a rabbit out-of a hatSurprise everyone, 'obtain an almost impossible resultRate it:

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rabbit holeUsed other than as an idiom: see rabbit, hole. (The entrance to) a rabbit warren or burrow.Rate it:

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skinny rabbitan issue that has little significance to an outcome. The issue is not worth discussing. Outcome is 6 one and half dozen the other. There is no meat to the discussion.Rate it:

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bunny girlA club hostess or other female entertainer wearing a sexually provocative outfit suggestive of a rabbit.Rate it:

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