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tip outAn amount or percentage of a server's tips that the server shares, either voluntarily or as mandated in a tip sharing or tip pooling agreement, with other employees such as bussers, bartenders, back waiters and host/hostesses whose job duties indirectly assist the server.Rate it:

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pot calling the kettle blackA situation in which somebody comments on or accuses someone else of a fault which the accuser shares.Rate it:

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of choicepreferred above others.Rate it:

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share and share alikeFor members of a group, equal portions of or equal access to tangible or intangible goods, entitlements, or obligations-i.e., each person's share like each of the other shares.Rate it:

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deliver the message to garciaWhat we need is people who get the job done, no matter how. We don't want pickers who'll only learn if we use their preferred learning method. Have you read "A Message to Garcia" ? That's what we need today - young people who can deliver the message to Garcia.Rate it:

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an insult to one is an insult to allWhen individuals are insulted based on their characteristics, that insult also applies to everybody who shares them.Rate it:

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best of the bunchThe best or most preferred person or item within a group.Rate it:

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buy intoTo buy stocks or shares of (a business).Rate it:

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Chip Off the Old BlockA child who shares the same looks, abilities and characteristics as of his parentsRate it:

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divide upTo divide, particularly into separate shares for distribution.Rate it:

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get itTo possess a preferred outlook on a given issue or issues.Rate it:

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grey marketDealing in shares using methods that are legal but officially frowned upon - for example, before issue and flotation.Rate it:

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portion outTo distribute in portions or shares; to apportion or allot.Rate it:

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takes one to know oneA childish retort to a negative accusation, implying the accuser shares the faultRate it:

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tmgTrimethylgallium, the most preferred metalorganic source of Gallium used in MOCVD of compound semiconductors for opto-electronics applications.Rate it:

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work spouseA man or woman in the workplace with whom one shares a special relationship having bonds similar to those of a marriage: special confidences, loyalties, shared jokes and experiences, and unusual degree of honesty or openness.Rate it:

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wrap someone around your little fingerA feeling, a sense, an awareness one realizes when another is deeply devoted, lovingly loyal and shares a mutuality in myriad areas in each other and their lives.Rate it:

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