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painful on the eyesUgly, disagreeable to look at.Rate it:

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sit on thornsTo be in a painful or embarrassing situation; to be in constant fear of being found out.Rate it:

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rub salt in someone's woundsTo make a painful situation even worse (even with the best of intentions).Rate it:

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adrenaline junkieOne who is seemingly addicted to the sensation of exhilaration associated with risky behaviors or exciting situations, and who actively seeks such opportunities.Rate it:

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Bite the BulletTo gather courage and face something that is painful and endures the difficulty for some reason, to face a situation unwillingly, as there is no other option leftRate it:

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come to termsTo accept or resign oneself to something emotionally painful.Rate it:

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come to terms withTo accept or resign oneself to something emotionally painfulRate it:

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cry uncleTo beg for mercy; to give up; to ask to stop (something painful or unbearable).Rate it:

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cut like a knifeTo sting severely, to cause a sensation of stinging, especially said of cold weather.Rate it:

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funny boneThe ulnar nerve in the elbow, which, when hit, causes a tingly sensation. [from the 19th c.]Rate it:

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melt in the mouthTo be deliciously soft and creamy, create a melting sensation when eaten, and therefore need little chewing.Rate it:

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multa acerba expertus esthe has had many painful experiences.Rate it:

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tiptoe aroundTo act very cautiously about something; to avoid speaking about a painful or controversial issue.Rate it:

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to hell and backTo live through an extremely unpleasant, difficult, or painful experience.Rate it:

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