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the bee's kneesMost excellent; surpassingly wonderful; cool.Rate it:

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put the bee onTo finish off, to beat.Rate it:

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queen beeThe most important or dominant woman in an organisation or situation.Rate it:

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Bee in Your BonnetAn idea, which is thought to be crazy or exciting, someone’s obsession with a certain idea or explanationRate it:

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queen beeA reproductive female (especially the only one) in a colony of bees.Rate it:

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bee in one's bonnetSomething of particular interest or concern; an obsession.Rate it:

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bee's kneesSomething excellent, outstanding.Rate it:

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busy as a beeVery active; working constantly.Rate it:

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honey doesn't fly to the bee. wheat does not make bread.the dream doesn't come to you.AttitudeRate it:

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none of your bee's waxAlternative form of none of your beeswax.Rate it:

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put the bee onTo beg; to borrow money from.Rate it:

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sting like a beeto deliver a powerful punchRate it:

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to be a queen beeOne whom has a personality and a history of integrity, coupled with a natural diplomatic aura is bound for a successful and rewarding public career.Rate it:

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avoir une araignée dans le (or, au) plafondTo have a bee in one’s bonnet.Rate it:

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elle est éveillée comme une petite souris (or, comme une potée de souris)She is as brisk as a bee.Rate it:

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spell offIn a spelling bee, of two or more participants, to spell words one after the other until a champion is determined. Usually refers to a series of rounds of spelling in which no spellers are eliminated.Rate it:

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spell offTo participate in a spelling bee.Rate it:

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