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spell outFrom its component letters.Rate it:

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under a spellBewitched, held by the power of a magical spell.Rate it:

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Appendix:Snowclones/you can't spell XYZ without YImplies a correlation between two items, where the second one is spelled with letters from the first one.Rate it:

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deep golden spellTo laugh, to a gag.Rate it:

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how do you spell this wordI want to know how this word is written.Rate it:

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set a spellTo sit down for a period of time, especially in the company of other people and in order to relax or to engage in casual conversation.Rate it:

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spell offIn a spelling bee, of two or more participants, to spell words one after the other until a champion is determined. Usually refers to a series of rounds of spelling in which no spellers are eliminated.Rate it:

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spell offTo participate in a spelling bee.Rate it:

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eternal sleep(mythology, fiction, fantasy) A magical state of suspended animation, where-in the recipient is placed in a state of ageless, deathless, everlasting sleep. Well-known examples are Endymion, (the lover of the Greek moon goddess, Selene), and the princess from Sleeping Beauty.Rate it:

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elle lui a jeté un sortShe cast a spell over him; He is infatuated with her.Rate it:

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heat wavespell of hot weatherRate it:

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hitch your wagon to a star!Myriad individuals attach mysterious, magical, mythical powers and emotional magnetism to heavenly bodies, stars, planets, suns and moons.Rate it:

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passage à videfunny turn, bad patch, slump, dry spellRate it:

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