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a sense of belongingMany organizations promote a sense of kinship with loyal, dedicated employees.Rate it:

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stand byTo remain loyal or faithful.Rate it:

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step in front of a moving trainTo sacrifice one's own life for a noble and loyal cause.Rate it:

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jemandem die Stange haltento remain loyal to someone, to stand by someoneRate it:

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true bluestaunchly loyalRate it:

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true to one's colorsloyalRate it:

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Bite the Hand that Feeds YouTo become unfaithful or cause harm to someone, who is actually honest and loyal with youRate it:

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in fide manere (B. G. 7. 4. 5)to remain loyal.Rate it:

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les dés sont pipésLes choses ont été préparées pour que le jeu ne soit plus loyal ; il y a de la tromperie, de la tricherie.Rate it:

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Rats Abandoning a Sinking ShipPeople who aren’t loyal to something, especially an enterprise and leave it before things get worseRate it:

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stay togetherTo remain loyal in times of stress or difficulty; to avoid separation despite pressure to do so.Rate it:

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stick byto follow or adhere to somebody or something, to remain loyal and unswerving in one's attitude towards somebody or somethingRate it:

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true blueIndubitably loyal or faithful.Rate it:

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True-BlueTo be extremely faithful, loyal and dependable Rate it:

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wrap someone around your little fingerA feeling, a sense, an awareness one realizes when another is deeply devoted, lovingly loyal and shares a mutuality in myriad areas in each other and their lives.Rate it:

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