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nose-pickerOne who picks their nose.Rate it:

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hop, skip, and a jumpa short distanceRate it:

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bunny hopA jump made where both wheels leave the ground.Rate it:

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hop upto make something, especially a machine, better (faster, bigger etc.)Rate it:

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bunny hopA dance from the big band era, a variation of the conga.Rate it:

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bunny hopA ground ball that hops along the field instead of rolling.Rate it:

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caught on the hopTo be in an unprepared situationRate it:

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caught on the hopTo be in a situation of change, especially from a known to an unknown stateRate it:

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hop jointPlace where opium is smoked.Rate it:

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hop to itTo hurry up, to get moving.Rate it:

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hop to it!A welcome to someone's verve and their confidence. Suggest to another to go after it.Rate it:

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Hop To It!Hop To It!Rate it:

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hop to it!Get going, Get started!, Let's Roll!Rate it:

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on the hopPlaying truant from school.Rate it:

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fall offA hip hop term; to completely lose the plot in terms of artistic direction.Rate it:

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balum rancumA hop or dance, where the women are all prostitutes. N. B. The company dance in their birthday suits.Rate it:

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casser sa pipe (pop.)To kick the bucket; To hop the twig; To die.Rate it:

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chalkfaceA musical concept or genre in which music is completely improvised and never played twice. Most often mixing elements of hip-hop, metal, punk and avant-garde jazz.Rate it:

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