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harsh one's mellowDisturbing someone otherwise in a state of calm.Rate it:

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harsh one's mellowTo annoy or irritate; to bother.Rate it:

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harsh one's mellowTo get on one's nerves.Rate it:

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harsh one's mellowTo make someone feel bad emotionally.Rate it:

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Dog's LifeA be miserable and awful, to have harsh survival without much pleasure or prosperityRate it:

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diamond in the roughA person whose goodness or other positive qualities are hidden by a harsh or unremarkable surface appearance.Rate it:

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concrete jungleAn urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.Rate it:

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school of hard knocksAn education consisting of real-world experiences, especially harsh experiences.Rate it:

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bite one's tongueAn admonishment to someone who has said something unfeeling or harsh.Rate it:

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beat intoTo teach or instil by harsh repetition.Rate it:

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clear your conscienceAn apology, a return of a book, pay-up on a forgotten loan, an overt action, a harsh, undeserved criticism of a subaltern.Rate it:

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dog-eat-dogHarsh and ruthless.Rate it:

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Grit Your TeethTo endure pain courageously, to put up with harsh time or difficultyRate it:

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Rule with an Iron HandStrict, dominant and harsh rulerRate it:

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sharp tongueThe practice or characteristic of speaking to others in a harsh, critical, or insulting manner.Rate it:

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straight shooterA person who is blunt, sometimes to the point of being harsh or offensive.Rate it:

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taste of one's own medicineHarsh treatment inflicted on one who previously inflicted similar or equivalent treatment on others.Rate it:

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thick skinAbility to take criticism or harsh behavior without being easily offended.Rate it:

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