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never look a gift horse in the mouthAlternative form of don't look a gift horse in the mouth.Rate it:

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gift of the gabThe ability to talk readily, glibly, and convincingly.Rate it:

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don't look a gift horse in the mouthDo not unappreciatively question a gift or handout too closely.Rate it:

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God's gift to womenSomeone irresistible to women, someone whom all women find attractive.Rate it:

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Don't Look a Gift Horse in the MouthDon’t complain if you get gift that is not as good as you expect; accept what you've been given without analyzing its valueRate it:

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gift that keeps on givingSomething with continuing consequences.Rate it:

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gift from aboveA benefit received without being deserved.Rate it:

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gift horseAn apparent gift, that has substantial associated costs.Rate it:

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Gift of GabAbility to talk in an interesting and convincing manner; Have an apt of talkingRate it:

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gift that keeps on givingA sexually transmitted disease.Rate it:

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God's gift to manSomeone irresistible to men, someone whom all men find attractive.Rate it:

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pack upTo prepare for shipping, as a gift.Rate it:

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à cheval donné on ne regarde pas à la brideOne does not look a gift-horse in the mouth.Rate it:

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à cheval donné on ne regarde pas à la bride (or, à la dent)One does not look a gift-horse in the mouth.Rate it:

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bestow ongive as a gift toRate it:

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give awayTo make a gift of.Rate it:

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grab bagA gift, purchase, etc. whose contents are concealed until after a selection is made.Rate it:

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il a la langue bien pendueHe has the gift of the gab.Rate it:

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pleased as punchan expression of gratitude, joy, appreciation for some gift, service, reward, special treatment.Rate it:

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widow's miteA very small gift or donation which, however, represents a great sacrifice on the part of the giver.Rate it:

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you shouldn't haveUsed to express gratitude at unnecessary generosity, especially when receiving a gift.Rate it:

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