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Grease Someone's PalmAny act which involves corruption to get benefitedRate it:

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palm offTo attempt to pass off a counterfeit or inferior product as genuine.Rate it:

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grease someone's palmTo bribe a person.Rate it:

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cross someone's palmTo give money to a person, especially as a bribe or as an inducement to perform a service.Rate it:

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talk to the handUsed usually sarcastically to dismiss another person's argument by indicating that the speaker (or writer) is not prepared to hear (or read) anything further that the other person has to say (or write). It is often used while simultaneously holding up the hand with the palm facing the speaker.Rate it:

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black beetleThe Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, a pest of palm trees in tropical Asia.Rate it:

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avoir un poil dans la mainTo be very lazy (so that hair grows on the palm of the hand).Rate it:

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black beetleA common name for many species of beetle that are black in color, including:The African black beetle, Hetronychus arator, a serious pest of grasses in New Zealand.The Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, a pest of palm trees in tropical Asia.The European species Feronia nigrita.Rate it:

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give some skinTo greet or congratulate someone by slapping his or her palm; see slap me five.Rate it:

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primas (e.g. sapientiae) alicui deferre, tribuere, concedereto give the palm, the first place (for wisdom) to some one.Rate it:

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