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game outTo run through scenarios to determine what will happen given certain decisions; to play out possibilities; to examine several ideas to come up with their likeliest end results.Rate it:

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pore overTo examine something carefully and attentively.Rate it:

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look on the bright sideto examine a situation, usually bad, from a positive perspectiveRate it:

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check outTo examine or inspect; to espy.Rate it:

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drill downTo examine information at another level or in greater detail; especially in a database, to navigate to a more detailed level or record.Rate it:

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scope outTo examine; to scout; to investigate; to check out.Rate it:

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turn upside downTo thoroughly examine.Rate it:

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take a ganderTo take a look; to check or examine.Rate it:

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bene interrogareto cross-examine cleverly, put leading questions.Rate it:

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check up onTo examine or inspect something in order to determine its condition; to check outRate it:

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comb overto examine scrupulouslyRate it:

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comb throughto examine scrupulouslyRate it:

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de servis quaerere (in dominum)to examine slaves by torture.Rate it:

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dig up dirtTo examine in order to find negative information for public opinion, usually with the purpose of embarrassing or discrediting a person.Rate it:

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eye upTo examine closely something coveted.Rate it:

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get to the root of the problemSeek to discover the cause of a problem, test, analyze, examine, consult manuals, refer to circuitry diagrams, Seek tech-support.Rate it:

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Go Over With a Fine-Tooth CombTo examine something with great attention, to search something thoroughlyRate it:

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perlustrare, lustrare oculis aliquidto scrutinise, examine closely.Rate it:

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quaestionem habere de aliquo, de aliqua re or in aliquemto examine a person, a matter.Rate it:

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run the rule overExamine carefully and thoroughly.Rate it:

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take a lookTo examine or observe.Rate it:

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