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born with a silver spoon in one's mouthNote. The original nautical expression is just born with a silver spoon and describes those young gentlemen who were able to enter the Royal Navy without examination and whose promotion was assured. the converse was born with a wooden ladle.Rate it:

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born with a silver spoon in one's mouthBorn rich or in a wealthy family.Rate it:

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gag me with a spoonAn expression of disgust.Rate it:

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Born With a Silver Spoon in Your MouthBorn in a family or environment that is rich, comfortable and luxuriantRate it:

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silver spoonWealth passed down or inherited.Rate it:

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greasy spoonAn inexpensive diner or other informal restaurant, especially one specializing in frying or grilling.Rate it:

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there is no spoonA certain problem or obstacle only exists if one believes in it; therefore, it is possible to overcome it by denying its existence.Rate it:

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wooden spoonA spoon made from wood.Rate it:

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wooden spoonAn ironic prize for finishing last in a competition.Rate it:

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wooden spoonkitchen utensilRate it:

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banana splitdessert dishRate it:

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secunda mensa (Att. 14. 6. 2)the dessert.Rate it:

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yellow cakeUsed other than as an idiom: Any yellow-colored cake (dessert).Rate it:

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ice creamdessert itemRate it:

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être né coifféTo be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth (literally, with a caul).Rate it:

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by the wayHis mother will be coming for dinner tomorrow, and, by the way, she volunteered to bring dessert.Rate it:

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fruit saladdessert dishRate it:

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ice creamcold dessertRate it:

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nous en causerons entre la poire et le fromageWe will talk it over at dessert.Rate it:

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on the houseA complimentary item beverage, dessert.Rate it:

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whipped creamdessert toppingRate it:

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