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comply withTo abide by a set of rules.Rate it:

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I'm easyI have no strong feelings one way or another but am ready to complyRate it:

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Cut the MustardTo comply with the requirements or handle a job in a perfect mannerRate it:

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vicar of brayA person who changes their beliefs and principles to stay popular with people above them is a Vicar of Bray. The religious upheavals in England from 1533 to 1559 and from 1633 to 1715 made it almost impossible for any individual to comply with the successive religious requirements of the state.Rate it:

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alicui morem gerere, obsequito comply with a person's wishes; to humour.Rate it:

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aye aye, sirThe correct and seamanlike reply, onboard a Royal Navy (or U.S. Navy) ship, on receipt of an order from someone of senior rank or authority. It means "I understand the command and hasten to comply with the order."Rate it:

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get with the programTo comply with the norms of a social group, especially a shared enterprise.Rate it:

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go along withTo comply with something, even if reluctantly; to accept or tolerate.Rate it:

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hold someone's feet to the fireTo maintain personal, social, political, or legal pressure on someone in order to induce him or her to comply with one's desires; to hold someone accountable for his or her actions.Rate it:

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I approve this messagea phrase said by candidates for federal office to show their consent to comply with the elective law passed in 2002.Rate it:

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not for love nor moneyA circumstance in which 'ONE' would NOT comply, join, perform, reciprocate, marry, participate, sign-up, subscribe, engage, launch, give one ounce of approval:Rate it:

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