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blood in the waterIn a competitive situation, the exhibition of apparent weakness or vulnerability by one party, especially when this leads to a feeling of vulnerability or greater pressure to perform on the part of the weak party, and/or enhanced expectation of victory by the other(s).Rate it:

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you're onUsed to indicate acceptance by the speaker of a proposal or challenge, especially a competitive one.Rate it:

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run for one's moneyA difficult challenge for the person indicated, especially one involving a competitive situation.Rate it:

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nut-cutting timeTime to exert maximum effort, for example, due to an approaching deadline or a looming competitive situation.Rate it:

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play to winTo play in an especially competitive, committed manner, focused intently on winning.Rate it:

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caucus raceThe competitive process in which a political party selects their candidate, esp. presidential; a primary election via caucus.Rate it:

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dog eat dogRuthlessly acquisitive or competitive. Describes a business or other set of circumstances where people try to succeed at the expense of other people.Rate it:

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find another gearTo suddenly achieve an extra burst of athletic performance, especially after a sustained period of competitive exertion.Rate it:

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one-horse raceAn election campaign or other competitive situation in which only one competitor is entered or in which only one competitor has a realistic chance of winning.Rate it:

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turkey shootA unequal competitive situation in which one party easily defeats the other(s).Rate it:

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whoop assTo defeat or excel against in a competitive event.Rate it:

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whoop-assTo defeat or excel against (someone) in a competitive event.Rate it:

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