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old college tryA vigorous, committed attempt or effort.Rate it:

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what's done is doneEvents that have already taken place cannot be changed and actions that have already been committed cannot be undone, so it is best not to dwell on them.Rate it:

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back offTo become less aggressive, particularly when one had appeared committed to act.Rate it:

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by heartKnowing completely; as having committed completely to memory.Rate it:

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bring to justiceTo cause a person alleged to have committed criminal acts to be brought to trial on the offenses.Rate it:

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in for an inch, in for a mileGiven that one is partly involved in or committed to a project, action, position, etc., there is no reason to refrain from becoming fully involved or fully committed.Rate it:

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jack offAn annoying person or one who has committed a transgression with no or insufficient apology; a jerk, an asshole.Rate it:

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play to winTo play in an especially competitive, committed manner, focused intently on winning.Rate it:

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come to JesusTo become committed or display commitment to a cause.Rate it:

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enter intoTo become legally committed to.Rate it:

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il vient de faire un mauvais coupHe has just committed a crime.Rate it:

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inside jobA crime or other illicit action committed by or with the help of someone either employed by the victim or entrusted with access to the victim's affairs and premises.Rate it:

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nulla pœna sine legeThe principle that a person shall receive no punishment unless he has committed an offence as explicitly defined in a law.Rate it:

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play onto let the game continue after a foul has been committed, because the situation is advantageous to the team who would be awarded a foul.Rate it:

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progressive loveA committed open relationship based on boosting the love and affection opportunities available for one's partnerRate it:

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res mihi integra estI have not yet committed myself.Rate it:

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vous avez fait des vôtresYou have committed follies yourself; You have played pranks too.Rate it:

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yeoman's serviceArduous work, performed in a vigorous, committed manner.Rate it:

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