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On the RopesOn the verge of collapse, helpless, state of near collapseRate it:

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Keep Your Head above WaterTo have just enough to avoid any financial collapse, hardly keeping up with one’s responsibilityRate it:

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close in onTo enclose around; to tighten or shrink; to collapse.Rate it:

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fall inTo collapse inwards.Rate it:

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give inTo collapse or fall.Rate it:

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keel overTo collapse in a faint; to black out; to die.Rate it:

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stave inTo stave from the outside, to crush inward, to cause to collapse inward.Rate it:

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kick inTo kick or strike so as to cause the object struck to collapse or fall inwards.Rate it:

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cave incollapseRate it:

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bottom falls outSaid about a collapseRate it:

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crumple upTo collapse; to give up and fold in a stressful situation.Rate it:

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down the toiletInto a state of collapse or failure: wasted, squandered; irretrievable.Rate it:

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down the tubesInto a state of collapse or failure.Rate it:

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fall downTo collapse.Rate it:

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fold awayTo put away by folding; to collapse something into a space where it can be stored while not in use.Rate it:

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Go Over Like a Lead BalloonTo let down and collapse badlyRate it:

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go underTo collapse or fail, e.g. by going bankrupt.Rate it:

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melt downTo have a breakdown; to collapse or fail utterly.Rate it:

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on the ropesLeaning against the ropes of the boxing ring, as when exhausted and nearing defeat or collapse.Rate it:

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on the ropesShowing signs of imminent failure or collapse.Rate it:

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tumble downtopple, collapseRate it:

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