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bottle upKeep suppressed and hidden.Rate it:

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Scrape the Bottle of the BarrelTo make use of something from leftover and off cuts. To be left to choose from scrap or residueRate it:

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genie is out of the bottleInformation has been released that will have ongoing consequences.Rate it:

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bottle outTo fail to perform a promised or planned action due to lack of courage.Rate it:

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bottle upPut into bottles.Rate it:

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lightning in a bottleStored electricity, as in a capacitor.Rate it:

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lightning in a bottleEphemeral state or atmosphere, as at startup company or artistic group.Rate it:

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bottle awayto store up or stock up.Rate it:

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Bottle of DogNewcastle Brown AleRate it:

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genie is out of the bottleSomething has been brought into reality that cannot be eliminated or undone.Rate it:

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hit the bottleTo continually drink alcohol to excess, particularly in response to a setback.Rate it:

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lightning in a bottleGreat, unlikely, fleeting success, particularly entrepreneurial or media.Rate it:

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lightning in a bottleA difficult or challenging feat, particularly to attempt such a feat.Rate it:

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the genie's out of the bottleIt is too late.Rate it:

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chercher une aiguille dans une botte de foinTo look for a needle in a bundle (bottle) of hay.Rate it:

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gottle o' geerImitating a ventriloquist's attempt at "bottle of beer", a phrase traditionally supposed to be difficult for ventriloquists to say.Rate it:

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il buvait à même la bouteilleHe was drinking out of the bottle itself.Rate it:

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mettre en bouteilleto bottleRate it:

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