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give birthTo invent a new idea.Rate it:

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give birthTo produce new life into the world; to have a baby. Transitive when used with to.Rate it:

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accident of birthReference to the fact that various benefits or detriments to the life of a person arise from the circumstances into which that person was born, these being entirely beyond his control.Rate it:

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birth tourismTravel from one country to another for the purpose of giving birth in the second country, thereby endowing the newborn child with citizenship of the second country.Rate it:

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cradle-to-graveSpanning an entire lifetime; from birth to death.Rate it:

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hail fromto be a native of, to come from, to originate from; to have as one's birth place or residenceRate it:

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bring forthTo give birth.Rate it:

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baby bluesPeriod and feeling of depressiveness after giving birth; a less severe form of postnatal depression.Rate it:

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bear downWhen giving birth, to push.Rate it:

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born in a barnOf humble birth, especially when referring to Jesus Christ.Rate it:

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blessed eventThe birth of a baby.Rate it:

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born and bredShowing characteristics of birth and upbringing, especially in relation to a particular location.Rate it:

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cradle-to-graveSpanning an entire lifetime, from birth to death.Rate it:

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equestri loco natus or ortusa knight by birth.Rate it:

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from the cradle to the graveSpanning an entire lifetime; from birth to death.Rate it:

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mettre au mondeto give birthRate it:

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natione, genere Anglusan Englishman by birth.Rate it:

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pull outTo use coitus interruptus as a method of birth control.Rate it:

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right to lifeThe moral or legal entitlement of an unborn child to be born, and not have its birth prevented through an abortion or other medical procedure.Rate it:

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the pinnacle of love, is seen in the mother's actions which are rarely self-realized.When one looks across humanity and the animal kingdom alike. One can see that the mother who gives birth, time and time again, will risk life and limb to secure their offspring.Rate it:

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un billet de faire partA letter by which a birth, marriage, or death is made known to friends.Rate it:

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