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an explosion of flavor!The reaction of the taste buds and the associated explosion of pleasant, sweet, toothsome, rewarding, overwhelming pleasurable response to food, drink or sweetmeats, desserts etc.Rate it:

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flavor explosionOne can experience a 'flavor explosion' upon imbibing a beverage you have hither-to not sampled. You anticipated myriad taste treats. Upon the first sip you wantonly begin your 'slake' in a cascade of foaming, bubbling, refreshing, exhilarating deluge of dashing delicacy, dancing from cheek to cheek, then explosively and divinely diving into the depths of your desert-dry throat channel!.Rate it:

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flavor of the weekA fad; someone or something that is held in esteem or receives attention for a short amount of time.Rate it:

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gran explosiónBig Bang.Rate it:

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blow upTo explode or be destroyed by explosion.Rate it:

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reach a critical massWhen one works, reworks, tries every trick in the book, one can attain the verge of an explosion.Rate it:

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spice upTo enhance the flavor of something by adding spice to it.Rate it:

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blow upTo explode something or somebody or destroy something or injure or kill somebody by explosion.Rate it:

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beyond wordsIn recalling an incident, in observing an accident, any or all of which can be disastrous and shocking. A destructive fire and explosion may leave one awestruck and beyond words to describe.Rate it:

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arma de fuegoArma que utiliza una ignición para provocar una explosión y de esta forma lanzar un objeto a gran velocidad.Rate it:

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