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Afraid of Your Own ShadowTo get easily frightened of even minor things or anything unknownRate it:

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I'm afraid notUnfortunately, no; I regret that that is not so.Rate it:

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I'm afraid soUnfortunately, yes; I regret that that is so.Rate it:

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'fraid notAlternative form of I'm afraid notRate it:

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risk is what fuels innovationRisk taking leads to new ideas and fosters innovation in people. Those who are not afraid of failure will make a difference in society.Rate it:

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don't look to the floor for pennies, look to the sky for rainbows.Stand tall and never be afraid to embrace the world.Rate it:

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Have Your Heart in Your MouthTo have a feeling of extreme fear, be too afraid of somethingRate it:

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never fearDo not worry; do not be afraid.Rate it:

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'fraid soI am afraid soRate it:

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blank outTo become blank.To temporarily lose memoryHe blanked out five minutes into the meeting.I'm blanking out on your name, I'm afraid.Rate it:

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creep outTo make uncomfortable or afraid; to give someone the creeps.Rate it:

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don't be chicken!An exhortation to another; Don't be cowardly, afraid to venture forth, gutless, afraid of the strange or unknown!Rate it:

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gunshyBeing afraid to use a gun.Rate it:

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hang an arseTo hang back, to be afraid to advance.Rate it:

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not a sausageJill: Not a sausage I'm afraid, I'm just visiting.Rate it:

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out of the mouths of babesThe greatest wisdom comes from children, who are not afraid or weary of the world and its pressures.Rate it:

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turn a hairTo become afraid or visibly upset.Rate it:

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