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young manUsed other than as an idiom: young man.Rate it:
young manA term of endearment or address for a boy.Rate it:
young manA male lover; a sweetheart.Rate it:
young TurkFrom the mid-19th to the mid-20th century, a member of a movement that campaigned for reform of the Ottoman Empire.Rate it:
young TurkA young person who agitates for political or other reform; a young person with a rebellious disposition.Rate it:
younger brotherUsed other than as an idiom: see younger, brother. (This entry is here for translation purposes only.)Rate it:
younger sisterUsed other than as an idiom: see younger, sister. (This entry is here for translation purposes only.)Rate it:
your arseAlternative form of my arseRate it:
your assyou.Rate it:
your assA sarcastic expression of disbelief.Rate it:
your blood's worth bottlingA form of praise or admiration.Rate it:
your chariot awaitsA vehicle, asserted to be luxurious or of high quality, is waiting to transport the person to whom the phrase is said.Rate it:
your good nameYour name.Rate it:
your guess is as good as mineI don't knowRate it:
your lustful neighingacts of adulteryRate it:
your mileage may varyIt may work differently in your situation, or be different in your experience.Rate it:
your mileage may varyTo express a possible difference in taste, "this is just my opinion, your opinion may be different".Rate it:
your mission, should you choose to accept itYour mission or task; what you must do.Rate it:
your mother is a whoreYou are a person of poor character, based on your imputed descent from a mother of poor character, and an unknown father of poor character.Rate it:
your objection is simply 'a smoke screen':Your response does not in any manner address the subject of the discussion, rather presents language designed to 'cover-up', disguise, deny existence of the problem, insert dissimilar subject matter to defer focus on the actual subject at hand!Rate it:
your place or mineA question suggesting sexual intercourse: literally meaning "shall we go to your place or mine to have sex?"Rate it:
your wish is my commandWhatever you say you wish for I will treat as a command and do straight away.Rate it:
Youre Wacko!A demeaning ejaculation: You are Craz.!, You are NUTZ!Rate it:
yours sincerelyA polite formula to end a letter, especially when the recipient’s name is known to the sender.Rate it:
yours trulieswe, us, or ourselvesRate it:
yours trulyA closing in a note or letter.Rate it:
yours trulymyselfRate it:
youth is wasted on the youngThe young fail to appreciate what they experience.Rate it:
YOYOInitialism of you're on your own.Rate it:
yuck it upAlternative spelling of yuk it upRate it:
yuk it upTo clown around: to behave clownishly; to joke idly.Rate it:
ywAbbreviation of you're welcome.Rate it:
YWMVInitialism of your wallet may vary : you may have more or less money to spend, or different financial priorities.Rate it:

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