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write downIn a simple or condescending style.Rate it:
write downTo make a downward adjustment in the value of an asset.Rate it:
write him offDismiss, Pay No Attention, Ignore, Bypass, "Relegate To Recycle Bin",Rate it:
write home aboutSee nothing to write home about and something to write home about.Rate it:
write home aboutOf significance.Rate it:
write inTo write a letter to, e.g. a publication.Rate it:
write inTo fill in something required, by writing.Rate it:
write offTo reduce an asset's book value to zero.Rate it:
write offTo record an expenditure as an expense.Rate it:
write offTo record an notional expense such as amortization or depreciation.Rate it:
write offFiguratively, to assign a low value to something.Rate it:
write offunrepairable carRate it:
write one's own ticketTo be empowered to choose whatever job, financial arrangement, or course of action one desires.Rate it:
write outTo write in full length or expanded form.Rate it:
write upreviewRate it:
write upTo write about positively.Rate it:
write upTo document the faults of.Rate it:
write upTo produce by writing.Rate it:
writer's crampA debilitating pain preventing easy movement of the wrist, hand, or fingers, resulting from prolonged use of a pen or pencil.Rate it:
writing on the wallAn ominous warning; a prediction of bad luck.Rate it:
written all over someone's faceVery obvious, from someone's facial expression.Rate it:
written in someone's faceAlternative form of written all over someone's faceRate it:
wrong crowdA group of people thought to have a negative influence on a person's behaviour.Rate it:
wrong numberA telephone call received from an unfamiliar caller, due to a mistake in the number dialled.Rate it:
wrong numberAn incorrect notion or understanding concerning a person or situation.Rate it:
wrong place at the wrong timeNoun form of in the wrong place at the wrong time.Rate it:
Wrong Side of the TracksPoor side of the town, the side of town that is dangerousRate it:
wrong side of the tracksMay refer to area where the working class, poor or extremely poor live.Rate it:
WTBInitialism of want to buy.Rate it:
WTBInitialism of willing to buy.Rate it:
WTBInitialism of waiting to buy.Rate it:
WTFOwhat the fuck, over!Rate it:
WTGInitialism of wind turbine generator.Rate it:
WTTInitialism of want/willing to trade.Rate it:
wuss outTo fail to do something because of cowardice.Rate it:
WUU2What are you doing at the moment?Rate it:
WWJDInitialism of what would Jesus do ?Rate it:
WWWWWAbbreviation of which was what we wanted.Rate it:
wwwwwAbbreviation of which was what we/was wanted.Rate it:
wyaInitialism of where you at.Rate it:
WYCIWYGWhat you cache is what you get: A URI scheme specific to the Mozilla family of web browsers which indicates that a link should be preferentially fetched from cache instead of from the web server.Rate it:
WYCIWYGWhat you choose is what you get.Rate it:
wydInitialism of what you doing.Rate it:
wymAbbreviation of what do you mean?.Rate it:
WYMMInitialism of will you marry me.Rate it:
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get.Rate it:
WysiwygAlternative letter-case form of WYSIWYGRate it:
WYSIWYMwhat you see is what you mean.Rate it:
WYSIWYMwhat you see is what you match.Rate it:
W⁵WWWWWRate it:

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