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turned to stoneThis mean someone died. A gravestone is a symbol of someone that died so they "turned to stone".Rate it:
Turns the TableReversing or altering a situation; creating the opposite of something to happenRate it:
tutti fruttiice cream flavourRate it:
twatfacedF**ed, pissed, drunk as a skunk.Rate it:
Tweedledum and TweedledeeTwo persons or organizations deemed indistinguishable in some way.Rate it:
Tweedledum and TweedledeeA pair of people who spend a lot of time together, and look and act similarly.Rate it:
twelfth manreserve in cricketRate it:
twelve-ounce curlsDrinking beer.Rate it:
twent-twenty visionnormal eyesight, a perceptive view of the futureRate it:
twenty totwenty minutes before the next hourRate it:
twenty to the dozenvery fast, fluently (i.e. "to say twenty words to another's dozen")Rate it:
twenty winksa very short sleep, half as long as forty winks.Rate it:
twenty-five cent wordAn uncommon word, often used in place of a more common one with the intent to appear sophisticated.Rate it:
twenty-twenty hindsightPerfect understanding of events only after they have happened.Rate it:
twenty-twenty hindsightPerfect understanding of events only after they have happenedRate it:
twiddle one's thumbsTo circle one's thumbs around one another, usually with the fingers interlaced, usually done idly while waiting or bored.Rate it:
twiddle one's thumbsTo wait or dawdle; to accomplish nothing useful or lack a useful occupation.Rate it:
twilight yearsOld age.Rate it:
TWIMCInitialism of to whom it may concern.Rate it:
twinkle in one's daddy's eyeOf a person, not yet conceived, particularly when referring to a time period preceding their conception.Rate it:
twinkle in one's father's eyeA notional look of anticipation or hope (either for sex or a child) in one's father's eyes at or around the time of one's conception.Rate it:
twinkly-eyedhappy, of a happy character.Rate it:
twist in the windTo be unassisted and without comfort in a situation likely to result in distress or failure.Rate it:
twist in the windTo wait for an uncomfortably long period of time.Rate it:
twist of fateAn unfortunate turn of events.Rate it:
twist someone's armTo coerce, force, or cajole.Rate it:
twist someone's ballsto annoyRate it:
twist the knifeTo deliberately do or say something to worsen a difficult situation or increase a person's distress, irritation, or anger.Rate it:
two a pennyVery common; cheap.Rate it:
two beers, pleaseIndicates the speaker wishes to buy two beers.Rate it:
two birds with one stoneAny two things that were performed or completed at the same time by one action.Rate it:
two bobA small amount of value.Rate it:
two bobTwo shillings.Rate it:
two can play at that gameAlternative form of two can play that gameRate it:
two can play that gameThe tactics and/or strategies of an enemy can be used against him.Rate it:
two can play this gameAlternative form of two can play that gameRate it:
Two CentsA view or an Opinion about something; what one thinks about somethingRate it:
two centsA nearly worthless amount, alluding to placing a copper penny on each of the eyelids of a pauper's or slave's body before burial.Rate it:
two centsOne's opinion or thoughts.Rate it:
two dogs fight for a bone, but a third runs away with itWhen two sides contend, it's always the third party that benefits.Rate it:
two faceddeceitfulRate it:
Two FacedDeceitful and disloyal; wrongRate it:
two for twoIn baseball, meeting two out of two attempts at-bat. Specifically, it means the batter has reached base safely two out of two times.Rate it:
two for twoSuccessful at both of two efforts.Rate it:
two ha'pennies for a pennyAny money whatsoever.Rate it:
two heads are better than oneSome problems may be solved more easily by two (or more) people working together than by one working alone.Rate it:
two lamps burning and no ship at seaSaid of an unwisely or overly extravagant person.Rate it:
two left feetExhibiting particular clumsiness, especially at dancing or at soccer.Rate it:
two penn%e2%80%99orthOne's opinion or thoughts.Rate it:
two penn%e2%80%99orthTwo pennys' worth.Rate it:

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