Found 971 phrases starting with L:

loss of faceloss of the respect of others, humiliation, public disgraceRate it:
lost causeA cause, attempt, or effort that is hopeless or futile.Rate it:
lost errandA mission likely to fail.Rate it:
lost footageA lack of information, a lack of memory relative to vital details in a particular event.Rate it:
lost herto lose a femaleRate it:
lost in the shuffle!'Lost in the shuffle' 0ccurs when the conversation, the discussion becomes so 'hot 'N heavy', so disjointed, so agitated that the original theme is 'lost in the SHUFFLE' !Rate it:
lost in translationUnable to understand due to having been poorly translated.Rate it:
lost soulA soul that is destined to go to hell; a person possessing such a soul.Rate it:
lost soulOne who is forlorn, who lacks direction, purpose, or motivation in life.Rate it:
lot lizardA customer or salesperson at a used car lot.Rate it:
lot lizardA low or stupid person.Rate it:
lot lizardA prostitute at a truck stop.Rate it:
loud and clearIn a clear and easily understandable manner.Rate it:
louse aroundTo slack off; be lazy; be a "parasite" to someone/something.Rate it:
louse upMess up; confuse; put into a state of disorder.Rate it:
love affair without bells and whistlesA love sincere, true not a false love for show, flaunt, meant to draw attention, love affair based on material things to impress others and/or show offRate it:
love at first sightan instantaneous attractionRate it:
love bonesA girlfriend or boyfriend.Rate it:
love childA child born to a married man to someone not his wife.Rate it:
love gogglesblindness to criticism or objectivity directed at a person that one is in love with.Rate it:
love handlesBulge around the stomach and hip area.Rate it:
love is blindA person who is in love can see no faults or imperfections in the person who is loved.Rate it:
love musclegenitalsRate it:
love musclethe heartRate it:
love nestA room, especially a bedroom or boudoir, used for sexual intercourse.Rate it:
love nestVagina.Rate it:
love of one's lifeA soulmate; a one and only.Rate it:
love to bitsA lot.Rate it:
love youI love youRate it:
loved upAlternative spelling of loved-up.Rate it:
low blowA rhetorical attack that is considered unfair or unscrupulous.Rate it:
low blowAn unfair or illegal blow that lands below the opponent’s waist; a groin attack..Rate it:
Low Man on the Totem PoleLowest ranked person, the person who is given least importance in a group, gang, or organizationRate it:
low on the totem poleLeast important.Rate it:
low riderKeeping a low profile (originating from a type of car of the same name).Rate it:
low roadA course of action which is undignified, wrongful, or otherwise unseemly.Rate it:
low-downOf no value.Rate it:
low-hanging fruitEasily obtained gains; what can be obtained by readily available means.Rate it:
Lower the BoomTo strictly punish; to restrict one to the rulesRate it:
lower the boomTo suddenly overpower, with "on".Rate it:
lower the boomTo use one's superior physical strength; clobber.Rate it:
lower the boomAn expression probably originating in a nautical setting, where misdemeanors and mischief results in punishment.Rate it:
lower the boom onTo punish someone.Rate it:
lower the boom onTo terminate or abolish something.Rate it:
lowest point in my lifeTo experience extrene depression as a result of certain circumstances, loss of a lov'd one, financial or personal reverses, physical or emotional deprivation.Rate it:
LQTMInitialism of laughing quietly to myself.Rate it:
lube upTo cover or coat in lubricant.Rate it:
lubrication paymentA bribe or extorted money, usually relatively small in amount, provided to a low-level government official or business person, in order to expedite a business decision, shipment, or other transaction, especially in a country where such payments are not unusual.Rate it:
luck inTo experience good luck; to be fortunate or lucky.Rate it:
luck intoto find by chance, to chance uponRate it:

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