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I'm allergic to nutsIndicates that the speaker has an allergy to nuts.Rate it:
I'm allergic to penicillinIndicates that the speaker has an allergy to penicillin.Rate it:
I'm allergic to pollenIndicates that the speaker has an allergy to pollen.Rate it:
I'm an atheistIndicates that the speaker is an atheist.Rate it:
I'm aromanticIndicates that the speaker is aromantic.Rate it:
I'm asexualIndicates that the speaker is asexual.Rate it:
I'm ashamedIndicates that the speaker is ashamed.Rate it:
I'm bisexualIndicates that the speaker is bisexual.Rate it:
I'm bleedingIndicates that the speaker is bleeding.Rate it:
I'm blindIndicates that the speaker is blind.Rate it:
I'm busyI'm busy.Rate it:
I'm cisgenderI'm cisgenderRate it:
I'm coldIndicates that the speaker feels cold.Rate it:
I'm confusedIndicates that the speaker is confounded by something.Rate it:
I'm deafIndicates that one is deaf.Rate it:
I'm divorcedIndicates that the speaker is divorced.Rate it:
I'm dyingIndicates that the speaker believes that he or she is dying.Rate it:
I'm easyI have no strong feelings one way or another but am ready to complyRate it:
I'm embarrassedIndicates that the speaker is embarrassed.Rate it:
I'm fineConventional response to "how are you?", indicating that one is well.Rate it:
I'm fine, thank youThe expected, polite response to how are you?Rate it:
I'm fullIndicates that the speaker does not wish to continue eating.Rate it:
I'm gayIndicates that the speaker is a homosexual.Rate it:
I'm genderfluidI'm genderfluidRate it:
I'm goodNo : used when asked whether one wants or needs something, etc.Rate it:
I'm Hinduindicates that the speaker is a follower of HinduismRate it:
I'm hotIndicates that the speaker is hotRate it:
I'm hungryI'm hungry.Rate it:
i'm in a real pickle now!Personal Realization That One Is In A Dilemma; In An Awkward Circumstance Or A Baffling Interpersonal Relationship.Rate it:
I'm in love with youA declaration of passion or romantic feeling.Rate it:
I'm JewishIndicates that the speaker is of Jewish ethnic descent.Rate it:
I'm JewishIndicates that the speaker is a follower of Judaism.Rate it:
i'm livin' the dreamI am living, experiencing in my reality my dream of excellence, beauty, success, and all uplifting emotional, actual pleasantries one might only expect in a dream stage: The opposite; I'm living the 'nightmare'!Rate it:
I'm looking for a grocery storeIndicates that the speaker is looking for a grocery store.Rate it:
I'm looking for a jobIndicates that the speaker is looking for a job.Rate it:
I'm lostIndicates that the speaker is unable to find his or her way.Rate it:
I'm marriedIndicates that the speaker has a spouse.Rate it:
I'm muteI'm muteRate it:
I'm not being funnyUsed as a softening preface to a statement that might be taken as offensive or malicious.Rate it:
I'm not interestedI'm not interested.Rate it:
I'm not religiousIndicates that the speaker is a not a follower of religious doctrine.Rate it:
I'm pregnantIndicates that the speaker is pregnant.Rate it:
I'm rubber, you're glueThe first line of a children's rhyme countering an attack of character.Rate it:
I'm scaredIndicates that the speaker is scared.Rate it:
I'm sickIndicates that the speaker has an illness.Rate it:
I'm singleIndicates that the speaker does not have a spouse or romantic partner.Rate it:
I'm sorryIndicates that the speaker is sorryRate it:
I'm straightIndicates that the speaker is a heterosexual.Rate it:
I'm thirstyI need some water, or want something to drink.Rate it:
I'm thirstyI need something, or want something a lot.Rate it:

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