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how do you spell this wordI want to know how this word is written.Rate it:
how goes itAn informal greeting roughly equivalent to how are you.Rate it:
how long is a piece of stringUsed as a response to a question such as "How long will it take?" or "How big is it?" when the length or size is unknown, infinite, or variable.Rate it:
how many languages do you speakhow many languages do you speak?Rate it:
how many siblings do you haveUsed to ask how many brothers or sisters someone has.Rate it:
how much do I owe youAsking how much money is to be paid for products or services.Rate it:
how much do you chargeUsed to ask a professional the monetary cost of his/her services.Rate it:
how much does it costWhat is its price?, How much money do you want for it?Rate it:
how much is ithow much does it cost?Rate it:
how old are youAsks the interlocutor to give his or her age.Rate it:
how old are youUsed to question the mental age of the interlocutor.Rate it:
how soHow?; In what way?Rate it:
how soWhy?; For what reason?Rate it:
how the mighty have fallenUsed to imply the decline of a once-great person or entity.Rate it:
how the other half livesThe comfortable, luxurious lifestyles of those who are very wealthy.Rate it:
how the sausage gets madeThe way in which a process or activity is carried on behind the scenes.Rate it:
how's aboutAlternative form of how aboutRate it:
how's everythingAn informal greeting, asking how a person's life is going.Rate it:
how's it goinghow are you?Rate it:
how's it hanginghow are you?Rate it:
how's lifeAn informal greeting roughly equivalent to how are youRate it:
how's thatUsed to ask someone to repeat somethingRate it:
how's thatUsed to ask someone to explain somethingRate it:
how's thatUsed to make an appeal to the umpire if the batsman is out or notRate it:
how's that againUsed to ask someone to repeat somethingRate it:
how's the weatherAn inquiry about the weather.Rate it:
how's the weatherIndicating a change of subject to unimportant topics.Rate it:
how's the weather up thereAsked to tall people or someone that is at a high vantage point, either literally or metaphorically.Rate it:
how's thingsAn informal greeting roughly equivalent to how are you?Rate it:
how's tricksInformal greeting roughly equivalent to How are you?.Rate it:
how-d'ye-doA troublesome state of affairs.Rate it:
howdedoEye dialect spelling of how do you do.Rate it:
howdy-doSame as how-d'ye-do.Rate it:
howl outTo shout or cheer.Rate it:
HRUInitialism of how are you.Rate it:
HTHInitialism of hope this helps.Rate it:
hub-bubSet of disturbing circumstances, minor riot, loud talking.Rate it:
huckleberryA small round fruit of a dark blue or red color of several plants in the related genera Vaccinium and Gaylussacia.Rate it:
huckleberryA shrub growing this fruit.Rate it:
huckleberryA small amount, as in the phrase huckleberry above a persimmon.Rate it:
huckleberry above a persimmonSomething better than something else.Rate it:
hugs and kissesAn informal way to end a letter, email etc.Rate it:
huh! . . unhhhh!Gutteral, often used, 'juvenile' generated, unspoken nasal/throat- 'grunt' indicating 'NO!', 'Negative'.Rate it:
hulk offTo leave or walk away, especially in an angry or enraged manner, and said especially of large and physically imposing persons or objects.Rate it:
hulk outTo become enraged in an imposing or intimidating manner.Rate it:
hulk outTo gain significant muscle mass from exercise.Rate it:
hullabaloosomething that seems to be of great importance or a big deal that is perhaps unnecessary.Rate it:
hum and hawProcrastinate and take a long time before doing something or taking a decision.Rate it:
human touchThe ability of a person to deal with others in a personable and empathetic way.Rate it:
human touchThe positive qualities of human beings manifested in a place or object.Rate it:

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