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FUInitialism of follow-up.Rate it:
fuck aboutTo waste time with unimportant activities, often used as an admonition to urge the other party to stop wasting time.Rate it:
fuck aboutTo fool around.Rate it:
fuck allNothing at all or very little.Rate it:
fuck aroundTo fritter aimlessly or distractedly, to procrastinate.Rate it:
fuck aroundTo fool around.Rate it:
fuck aroundTo have sex with many partners.Rate it:
fuck aroundTo horseplay, joke around, behave immaturely or irresponsiblyRate it:
fuck itAn expression of great indifference or nonchalance.Rate it:
fuck itAn expression of frustration.Rate it:
fuck knowsI don't know; nobody knows; it is unclear.Rate it:
fuck like a minkTo be extremely amorous while copulatingRate it:
fuck like rabbitsTo have copious amounts of sex.Rate it:
fuck meAn expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration, or of dismay at undesired events happening to oneself.Rate it:
fuck meUsed other than as an idiom: see fuck, me.Rate it:
fuck offTo go to hell, to disappear, go away or to screw oneself.Rate it:
fuck offTo annoy, irritate.Rate it:
fuck offTo fritter; to fuck around.Rate it:
fuck offTo die or leave unexpectedly.Rate it:
fuck offUsed other than as an idiom: see fuck, off.Rate it:
fuck offGo away! Get lost!Rate it:
fuck offExpression of disagreement or disbelief.Rate it:
fuck overTo cheat or treat unfairly.Rate it:
fuck roundAlternative form of fuck aroundRate it:
fuck someone overto exploit somebody in a way which results in an advantage to oneself, at the cost of the other party gaining a considerable disadvantage.Rate it:
fuck someone's brains outTo sexually penetrate (or be penetrated) in a voracious but pleasurable manner.Rate it:
fuck that noiseUsed to express rejection of or objection to something.Rate it:
fuck this for a game of soldiersAlternative form of sod this for a game of soldiersRate it:
fuck upAn incompetent individual; one who errs frequently.Rate it:
fuck upA severe mistake.Rate it:
fuck withTo mess with; to interact with in a careless or inappropriate way.Rate it:
fuck y'allUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see fuck,‎ y'all.Rate it:
fuck y'allExpression to show discontent with a group of others.Rate it:
fuck youUsed other than as an idiom: see fuck, you.Rate it:
fuck youExpression to show discontent with the other party, or to show contempt.Rate it:
fuck youGo away! Go to hell!Rate it:
fuck you, Jack, I'm alrightA phrase used to epitomize arrogance and selfishness, with total disregard towards others.Rate it:
fucked by the fickle finger of fateVictimized by bad luck.Rate it:
fucked oversimple past tense and past participle of fuck someone overRate it:
fucked overHaving been taken advantage of.Rate it:
fucked upsimple past tense and past participle of fuck upRate it:
fucked updamaged; poorly manufactured; injuredRate it:
fucked upmorally reprehensible; clearly and grossly objectionableRate it:
fucked upin disarray or dishevelment (emotionally or otherwise)Rate it:
fucked updrunk; wasted; incredibly intoxicated (not necessarily with alcohol)Rate it:
fucking hellAn exclamation of great surprise.Rate it:
fucking hellAn exclamation of anger.Rate it:
fucking hellAn exclamation of bewilderment.Rate it:
fucknoseA term of abuse.Rate it:
fuckpolea man's penisRate it:

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