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frame upTo arrange fraudulent evidence to falsely implicate of a crime; to frame.Rate it:
frame upTo erect the initial walls and roof of.Rate it:
fraud squadpolice departmentRate it:
freak flagUnconventional or unrestrained behavior; extreme, nonconformist views; the side of one's personality which harbors a tendency toward such behavior or such views.Rate it:
freak outA positive experience with LSD or other psychedelic drug; bummer, bum trip.Rate it:
free and easyCasual, informal, relaxed, unrestrained.Rate it:
free as a birdHaving no ties; completely free.Rate it:
free handfree reinRate it:
free lunchSomething obtained without any payment, obligation or effort.Rate it:
free rangenot intensively farmedRate it:
free reinLoose rein, as of a horse.Rate it:
free reinThe absence of constraints; freedom to make decisions.Rate it:
free rideAn opportunity or benefit which has no cost, especially one enjoyed or undertaken at the expense of others.Rate it:
free spaceUsed other than as an idiom: see free, space.Rate it:
free spacevacuum; a space free of matter.Rate it:
free upTo make available.Rate it:
free, white, and twenty-onebeholden to no one; master of one's own destiny.Rate it:
free-for-allDeathmatch, sometimes specifically one in which every player plays against each other.Rate it:
free-for-allChaos; a chaotic situation lacking rules or control.Rate it:
free4youfree stuffRate it:
freedom lessFree from freedomRate it:
freedom of speechThe right of citizens to speak, or otherwise communicate, without fear of harm or prosecution.Rate it:
freedom of speechUsed other than as an idiom: see freedom, speech.Rate it:
freeze outTo forcibly remove or exclude.Rate it:
freeze overTo freeze on the surface.Rate it:
freeze upTo come to a sudden halt, stop working.Rate it:
freeze upTo stop or be stopped due to attentiveness, fear, surprise, etc.Rate it:
freeze upTo become cold and formal in demeanour.Rate it:
freezing coldextremely and unpleasantly cold (of the weather, the temperature in a place, a person, or an object)Rate it:
freezing coldextreme and unpleasant coldRate it:
french frieschipsRate it:
french hornbrass instrumentRate it:
French kissA kiss (or the act of kissing) which involves the touching of both persons' tongues.Rate it:
French kissTo give someone a French kiss.Rate it:
French leaveA sudden or unannounced departure, or one taken without permission.Rate it:
french letterA condom.Rate it:
fresh as a daisyVery fresh; well-rested.Rate it:
fresh as a roseExtremely fresh.Rate it:
fresh country eggsUsed other than as an idiom: see fresh, country, eggs.Rate it:
fresh country eggsA common way to describe ordinary chicken eggs on a breakfast menu, especially in expensive restaurants and hotels.Rate it:
fresh legsSomebody who has yet to play in a match, and therefore has plenty of energy.Rate it:
fresh meatA person or group of people who arouse one's interest, either as a new target for deception, humiliation or ridicule, or as a potential love interest or one night stand.Rate it:
fresh meatAny newcomer.Rate it:
fresh off the boatNewly arrived from a foreign place, especially as an immigrant who is still unfamiliar with the customs and language of his or her new environment.Rate it:
fresh out ofOf someone who has recently left one stage of life to begin another.Rate it:
fresh startA new beginning, without prejudices.Rate it:
fresh-facedlooking young and healthyRate it:
freshen upto wash or groom oneself in order to be more attractiveRate it:
freshen upto freshen, make fresh, revivify, make new.Rate it:
fret the gizzardTo vex oneself; to worryRate it:

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