Found 176 phrases starting with FO:

Foam at the MouthTo be extremely furious and uncontrollable much similar to an angry dogRate it:
fob offto put off by evasionRate it:
fob offto fraudulently dispose of goodsRate it:
fog upTo coat, or become coated, with condensation. To steam up.Rate it:
foist offTo fraudulently pass on to.Rate it:
foist offTo lie to; to tell a lie to.Rate it:
fold awayTo put away by folding; to collapse something into a space where it can be stored while not in use.Rate it:
fold downTo downmix.Rate it:
fold one's tentTo withdraw, especially in a discreet manner; to disengage; to quit.Rate it:
fold upTo go out of business.Rate it:
fold upTo make or become more compact by folding.Rate it:
folk devilA person or type of person blamed by the public for various ills, as during a moral panic.Rate it:
follow in someone's footstepsTo follow the same path as someone.Rate it:
follow onThe act of a captain forcing the other side to bat again immediately after their first innings.Rate it:
follow outTo finish; to complete, especially, of a commitment.Rate it:
follow suitTo follow an example; to imitate.Rate it:
follow suitTo play a card of the same suit as the previous or leading card.Rate it:
follow the crowdTo conform to majority beliefs, opinions, or practices.Rate it:
follow throughTo finish; to complete, especially, of a commitment.Rate it:
follow upTo take further actions remaining after an event; to continue, revisit, or persist; especially, to maintain communication.Rate it:
Follow Your NoseIn straight direction, to go ahead straightRate it:
food babyA protruding belly resulting from the consumption of a large quantity of food; the contents of one's digestive system causing the protrusion.Rate it:
food chainA hierarchy.Rate it:
food chainThe feeding relationships between species in a biotic community.Rate it:
Food for ThoughtA thought provoking idea, or considerable thing or matterRate it:
food for thoughtsomething worth contemplatingRate it:
fool aboutto fool aroundRate it:
fool aroundTo engage in frivolous behaviour; to monkey around.Rate it:
fool aroundTo waste time.Rate it:
fool aroundTo engage in casual or flirtatious sexual acts.Rate it:
fool aroundTo engage in adultery; to play around.Rate it:
fool awayto waste, squanderRate it:
fool upTo act foolishly.Rate it:
fool withto be involved in a dangerous activityRate it:
fool's bargainA bad bargain; one that leaves the person accepting it worse off.Rate it:
fool's errandA foolish undertaking, especially one that is purposeless, fruitless, nonsensical, or certain to fail.Rate it:
fool's errandSuch an undertaking, assigned as a prank.Rate it:
fool's paradiseA state of happiness due to illusion or false hope.Rate it:
fools rush in where angels fear to treadA person who does not plan ahead and think matters through becomes involved in risky or unfavorable situations which prudent people avoid.Rate it:
foot and mouthdisease of farm animalsRate it:
foot draggingTo be slow in doing certain things; to not move as fast as someone thinks it should.Rate it:
foot votingExpressing one's preferences through one's actions, by voluntarily participating in or withdrawing from an activity, group, or process; especially, physical migration to leave a situation one does not like, or to move to a situation one regards as more beneficial.Rate it:
foot-in-mouth diseaseA tendency to make remarks that are embarrassingly wrong or inappropriate.Rate it:
footle aboutTo pass time doing unimportant things; to mess around.Rate it:
footle aroundTo pass time doing unimportant things; to mess around.Rate it:
footle awayTo waste.Rate it:
footloose and fancy freeAble to do as one pleases, unconstrained by social ties or responsibilities.Rate it:
Footloose and Fancy-FreeNot involved in any relation with someone, free not having any attachment with something or someone Rate it:
footnote in historySomething of great significance that is given little attention, i.e. is relegated to a footnote in a record of history.Rate it:
for a changeAs a departure from the usual.Rate it:

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