Found 143 phrases starting with FL:

flag downUse a flag or some kind of signal to get the attention of someone.Rate it:
flag upTo mark for attention; to flag.Rate it:
flail aboutTo wave one's arms about violently, rather like a flail.Rate it:
flake outTo fall asleep from exhaustion.Rate it:
flake outTo flake or be flaky: to prove unreliable; to abandon or desert.Rate it:
flame outOf processes and equipment involving combustion, to fail due to extinction of flame.Rate it:
flame outTo fail, usually spectacularly.Rate it:
flame outburn up, fire up, flame up, flare upRate it:
flame upTo flare; to become enflamedRate it:
flame upTo suddenly become extremely angryRate it:
flannelled foolA cricketer (from his white flannel trousers).Rate it:
flap one's gumsTo speak idly; to talk without effect.Rate it:
flare upTo burn brightly again.Rate it:
flare upTo become more intense suddenly.Rate it:
flare upTo burst out suddenly, as in anger.Rate it:
flash backTo recall or remember something; to experience a flashback.Rate it:
flash forwardTo move forward in time.Rate it:
flash in the panA career notable for early success not followed by significant accomplishment.Rate it:
flash in the panA transient occurrence with no long-term effect.Rate it:
Flash in the PanSomething or someone getting success for a brief time, a person failed to maintain his earlier reputationRate it:
flash upTo appear suddenly on a screen.Rate it:
flat as a pancakeParticularly or extremely flat.Rate it:
flat chatAt maximum capability or speed.Rate it:
flat chatExtremely busy.Rate it:
flat outAt top speed.Rate it:
flat outBluntly, no holds barred.Rate it:
flat tophaircutRate it:
flat-chestedHaving a flat chest; having small breasts.Rate it:
flat-eartherA person who believes or advocates the theory that the planet Earth is flat.Rate it:
flat-eartherA person who believes or advocates an outlandish, discredited theory; a person who refuses to acknowledge the truth despite overwhelming evidence.Rate it:
flat-eartherA person who believes or advocates the theory that the earth is flat.Rate it:
flat-footedHaving feet which are flat.Rate it:
flat-footedHaving the specific physical condition of flat feet.Rate it:
flat-footedTo firmly hold and maintain a decision; to stand one's ground.Rate it:
flat-footedUnprepared to act.Rate it:
flatten outTo make flat.Rate it:
flatten outTo become more even.Rate it:
flavor explosionOne can experience a 'flavor explosion' upon imbibing a beverage you have hither-to not sampled. You anticipated myriad taste treats. Upon the first sip you wantonly begin your 'slake' in a cascade of foaming, bubbling, refreshing, exhilarating deluge of dashing delicacy, dancing from cheek to cheek, then explosively and divinely diving into the depths of your desert-dry throat channel!.Rate it:
flavor of the weekA fad; someone or something that is held in esteem or receives attention for a short amount of time.Rate it:
flea in one's earA stinging rebuke or rebuff.Rate it:
flesh outTo complete; to create details from a basic outline, structure or skeleton.Rate it:
flew the coopLeave in a rush, run from the scene, drive speedily away.Rate it:
flick offTo insult by showing them the back of one's fist with the middle finger extended.Rate it:
flick offTo masturbate by flicking her clitoris with one's finger or fingers.Rate it:
flick overTo change channels on a television.Rate it:
flick overTo change from one state to another by flicking.Rate it:
flick the beanTo masturbate by stimulating the clitoris.Rate it:
flick throughTo browse rapidly.Rate it:
flight of fancyAn idea, narrative, suggestion, etc. which is extremely imaginative and which appears to be entirely unrealistic, untrue, or impractical; thinking which is very speculative.Rate it:
fling outTo become ugly and intractable; to utter sneers and insinuations.Rate it:

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