Found 230 phrases starting with FI:

fiat luxLet there be light, especially in the context of light being a metaphor for wisdomRate it:
fiddle aboutTo waste time; spend time idly.Rate it:
fiddle aroundThe act of needless attention, inappropriate experimentation, lackadaisical manipulations.Rate it:
fiddle awayTo play the fiddle idly.Rate it:
fiddle awayTo wasteRate it:
fiddle faddlenonsenseRate it:
Fiddle While Rome BurnsTo do nothing or engage you in trivial things knowing that something urgent and critical is happening aroundRate it:
fiddle while Rome burnsTo neglect helping when one's time is needed most; to ignore the major problem at hand (whilst doing something less important); to be idle, inactive, or uninterested in a time of great need.Rate it:
fiddle withTo manipulate an object, especially in a nervous or restless manner.Rate it:
fiddle withTo adjust the position, as of an electronic device, in order to provide better reception or signal.Rate it:
fiddle withTo manipulate in order to gain something for oneself.Rate it:
field dayA parade day.Rate it:
field dayA school day for athletic events; a sports day.Rate it:
field dayTop-to-bottom all-hands cleaning.Rate it:
Field DayA day full of excitement, to have an opportunity to enjoy you a great dealRate it:
field dayA day of class taken away from school for a field trip.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do, at somebody else's expense.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do.Rate it:
fifteen minutes of fameA very short time in the spotlight or brief flurry with fame, after which the person or subject involved is quickly forgotten.Rate it:
fifteen minutes of fameAlternate form of 15 minutes of fame.Rate it:
fifth wheelA type of trailer hitch, which consists of a horseshoe-shaped plate on a multi-directional pivot, with a locking pin to couple with the kingpin of a truck trailer.Rate it:
fifth wheelA very large trailer that is towed with a pickup truck.Rate it:
fifth wheelA very large truck trailer; an 18-wheeler.Rate it:
fifth wheelAnything superfluous or unnecessary.Rate it:
Fifth WheelA person who is really not needed by others and is ignored by themRate it:
figguhlatorThe phrase "figguhlator" is often used to describe a person, place or thing that is in some way formidable a d or impressive.Rate it:
fight a losing battleTo continue to wage war when it is clear that one is not going to win.Rate it:
fight a losing battleTo try to do something so difficult that it will probably end in failure.Rate it:
fight backto defend oneself by fighting.Rate it:
fight backto counterattack; to resist an attack.Rate it:
fight backto repress; to struggle to repress.Rate it:
fight backto overturn a losing deficit.Rate it:
fight fire with fireTo respond to an attack with a similar or identical method.Rate it:
fight firesTo deal with urgent matters and minor emergencies rather than longer-term work.Rate it:
fight in armourTo have sex while using a condom.Rate it:
fight it outTo fight until a decisive and conclusive result is reached.Rate it:
fight offTo succeed in defeating a challenge, or an attack.Rate it:
fight offTo resist, particularly an infection or an emotion.Rate it:
fight one's cornerTo vigorously promote or defend one's interests, views, etc.Rate it:
fight shy ofTo avoid something.Rate it:
fight tooth and nailTo use every means possible to overcome a difficult opposition.Rate it:
Fight Tooth and NailTo fight vigorously and ferociously, to make tiring effort to get somethingRate it:
fighting chanceA chance that is dependent on success in a struggle.Rate it:
FIGMOAcronym of fuck it, got my orders.Rate it:
FIGMOAcronym of forget it, got my orders.Rate it:
figure of speechA word or phrase that departs from straightforward, literal language.Rate it:
figure outTo come to understand; to discover or find a solution; to deduce.Rate it:
figure upTo add; to reckon; to compute the amount of.Rate it:
file awayTo store in a file.Rate it:
file downTo reduce the size of something by filing.Rate it:

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