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find one's placeTo discover one's vocation, purpose, and/or sense of belonging to or passion for something.Rate it:
find one's placeTo locate where had most recently stopped reading, in order to resume reading.Rate it:
find one's voiceTo become willing or able to talk or otherwise express one's opinions.Rate it:
find oneselfTo learn, or attempt to learn, what kind of person one is and what one wants in life.Rate it:
find oneselfTo unexpectedly or unintentionally begin to do or experience something.Rate it:
find oneselfTo be in a particular state of mind.Rate it:
find oneselfTo discover oneself to be in a particular place.Rate it:
find outTo discover, as by asking or exploring.Rate it:
find outlearnRate it:
find the netto score a goalRate it:
find your grooveYour place in lifeRate it:
finders keepersThe doctrine that whoever finds something is allowed to keep itRate it:
finders, keepersWhoever finds something is allowed to keep it.Rate it:
finders, keepers; losers, weepersAlternative form of finders, keepersRate it:
fine as frog hairExtremely fine.Rate it:
fine feathers make fine birdsSomething that appears beautiful or good is by definition beautiful or good.Rate it:
fine lineA difference, albeit vague and difficult to discern.Rate it:
fine printThe details, restrictions, terms, or conditions, especially of a contract, often printed in very small type.Rate it:
fine words butter no parsnipsTalking about doing something does not get it done.Rate it:
finer than frog hairExtremely fine.Rate it:
finer thingsThat which is considered of a high quality, expensive or tasteful.Rate it:
finest hourA point in time or a relatively brief period of time when an especially distinguished, admirable, or effective set of actions is performed.Rate it:
Finger in Every PieTo be involved in different activities and matters, to take interest in everythingRate it:
finger lickin' goodIt is a common expression of praise for good food.Rate it:
finish offTo finish completely.Rate it:
finish offTo kill.Rate it:
finish upTo complete the last details of a task.Rate it:
finish withTo put aside, break all relations with, or reject finally.Rate it:
finish withTo complete; to end the use of.Rate it:
fink outTo avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner.Rate it:
fir treeconiferRate it:
fire at willFire when ready. A command that allows troops to use weapons at their discretion and choose their own targets, allowing the individual soldier a greater freedom of timing the shot with target movement and similar.Rate it:
fire awayTo begin shooting at an enemy.Rate it:
fire awayTo begin to talk or present information quickly.Rate it:
fire drillAn organised practice to prepare occupants of an office, school or other public building for evacuation in the event of a fire.Rate it:
fire escapeemergency exitRate it:
fire hoseA hose used to deliver water in case of fire.Rate it:
fire hoseThe human penis.Rate it:
fire in angerTo fire a weapon with the intent of causing damage or harm to an opponent.Rate it:
fire in the bellyThe emotional stamina and vigor, passion, or inner drive to achieve something, to take action, etc.Rate it:
fire offTo ask an unexpected question rapidly.Rate it:
fire offTo write a note or letter quickly.Rate it:
fire on all cylindersTo operate as effectively as possible.Rate it:
fire outto shoot outRate it:
fire upTo start, to launch, to ignite.Rate it:
fire upTo ignite.Rate it:
fire upTo start.Rate it:
fire upTo excite; to infuse with energy.Rate it:
fire-breathingThat shoots fire from the mouth or nostrilsRate it:
fire-breathingcaustic, vitriolic or scathingRate it:

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