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fallen overpast participle of fall overRate it:
fallen overbroken, failed, inoperableRate it:
falling glassThe wall-hung mercury barometer utilized in the days of sail presented approximately thirty inches of height level of the mercury in it's glass tube in fair weather. When a vessel sailed into a barometric Low Pressure region, the mercury level became lower and tended to indicate the presence of oncoming thunderstorms, gales, or a possible hurricane.Rate it:
falling outA disagreement; a major difference of opinion.Rate it:
false alarmA warning sound which turns out to have been erroneous.Rate it:
false alarmA thing or occurrence which initially causes fear, distress, etc. but which is subsequently recognized as being no cause for concern.Rate it:
false alarmA person who pretends to be more accomplished or a thing that seems to be of higher quality than is later found to be the case.Rate it:
false friendA word in a foreign language bearing a deceptive resemblance to a word in one's own language.Rate it:
false lightA cause of action arising under the common law where a person is portrayed in a way which, while not technically false, is misleading and likely to cause embarrassment to that person.Rate it:
false lightA point of view resulting in a misleading or inaccurate representation of a person, situation, or fact.Rate it:
false noteAn incorrect note which is sung or played in a musical performance.Rate it:
false noteIn a remark or narrative, an indication of untruth, insincerity, or inconsistency.Rate it:
false noteIn a non-verbal display or presentation, an indication of incongruity or inappropriateness.Rate it:
false stepA misstep; a stumble.Rate it:
false stepAn erroneous action or decision.Rate it:
false teethdenturesRate it:
familiarity breeds contemptThe more acquainted one becomes with a person, the more one knows about his or her shortcomings and, hence, the easier it is to dislike that person.1894, H. Rider Haggard, The People Of The Mist, ch. 25:This was the beginning of evil, for if no man is a hero to his valet de chambre, much less can he remain a god for long in the eyes of a curious woman. Here, as in other matters, familiarity breeds contempt.Rate it:
family jewelsTesticles.Rate it:
Famous Last WordsAn ironic response to an absurd statement one makes when he or she is not sure of its resultRate it:
fan danceA dance performance incorporating the artful use of fans.Rate it:
fan danceA stage performance or striptease in which a female entertainer disrobes while dancing with large hand-held fans that are alternately used to conceal and provide glimpses of her erogenous body regions.Rate it:
fan danceThe incremental disclosure of tantalizing bits of information.Rate it:
fan danceTo perform such a dance.Rate it:
fan outto spread out into the shape of a fanRate it:
fan the fireOne can fan the fire in challenging situations by criticizing, rebuking or strongly disagreeing.Rate it:
fan the flamesTo intensify something; to worsen an already difficult situation or unfavourable set of circumstances.Rate it:
fancy one's chancesTo believe that one has a good chance of success.Rate it:
fancypantsAlternative spelling of fancy pants. The condition of being overly showy; concerned more about one's reputation than anything else.Rate it:
fanny aboutTo waste time or fool around; to engage in activity which produces little or no accomplishment.Rate it:
fanny aboutTo wander about or prowl around.Rate it:
Fanny AdamsNothing (sanitized version of fuck all).Rate it:
fans are slansScience fiction fans are more intelligent and more creative than other people.Rate it:
fantastically beautifulBeyond plain beautiful, mesmerizing!Rate it:
far and awayby a conclusive marginRate it:
far and awayBy a large degree or margin; greatly.Rate it:
far and wideOver a great distance, or large area; nearly everywhere.Rate it:
far be itA disclaimer stating that the person speaking will not do something.Rate it:
far be itPewtey in Marriage Guidance Counselor from And Now For Something Completely Different.Rate it:
far crySomething very dissimilar or different.Rate it:
far fetchedimprobableRate it:
far goneUsed other than as an idiom: see far, go, gone.Rate it:
far goneAt an advanced stage of ruin.Rate it:
far goneIntoxicated.Rate it:
far outNew, radical and extreme.Rate it:
far postThe goalpost furthest from where a cross is made.Rate it:
fare thee wellGoodbye, farewell.Rate it:
farm outTo subcontract some task to another; to outsource.Rate it:
farmer's tanThe tan line left by clothing, especially, by a short-sleeved shirt.Rate it:
fart aboutTo waste time, or to fool about.Rate it:
fart aroundTo waste time, or to fool about.Rate it:

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