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fall foulTo collide; to conflict with; to attack (+ on, of, upon)Rate it:
fall foulTo be defeated or thwarted (by); to suffer ( + of)Rate it:
fall foul ofTo fall aboard of.Rate it:
fall foul ofTo be defeated or thwarted by.Rate it:
fall from graceThe loss of one's current social position, prestige, status, power, etc.Rate it:
fall from graceTo lose God's favour through sins or wrongdoings.Rate it:
fall from graceTo fall from one's current social position to something lower, to lose one's prestige, status or power.Rate it:
fall guyscapegoatRate it:
fall inTo collapse inwards.Rate it:
fall inOf a soldier, to get into position in a rank.Rate it:
fall in lineC. 2004, Career Soldiers, "Won't Waste My Life".Rate it:
fall in lineTo submit to the rules of a higher authority; obey; conform.Rate it:
fall in withTo join a group of people.Rate it:
fall in withTo accept a set of generally agreed rules, or a suggestion.Rate it:
fall intoTo go into something by falling.Rate it:
fall intoWithout having planned it.Rate it:
fall intoTo be classified as; to fall under.Rate it:
fall into one's lapTo receive something that one desires with little or no effort.Rate it:
fall into placeTo assume a clear and complete form when separate elements come together; to be realised.Rate it:
fall into the wrong handsTo become the possession of, or be discovered by, an unfriendly third party.Rate it:
fall offTo become detached or to drop from.Rate it:
fall offTo diminish in size or value.Rate it:
fall offA hip hop term; to completely lose the plot in terms of artistic direction.Rate it:
fall off a truckOf an item of merchandise, to come into a person's possession without having been paid for; to be acquired illegally.Rate it:
fall off the back of a lorryOf an item of merchandise, to come into a perons's possession without having been paid for; to have been acquired illegally.Rate it:
fall off the back of a truckOf an item of merchandise, to come into a person's possession without having been paid for; to have been acquired illegally.Rate it:
fall off the turnip truckTo be naive, uninformed, or unsophisticated, in the manner of a rustic person.Rate it:
fall off the wagonTo cease or fail at a regimen of self-improvement or reform; to lapse back into an old habit or addiction.Rate it:
fall onTo experience; to suffer; to fall upon.Rate it:
fall on deaf earsOf a request, complaint, etc, to be ignored.Rate it:
fall on one's faceTo fail, especially in a dramatic or particularly decisive manner.Rate it:
fall on one's swordTo commit suicide by allowing one’s body to drop onto the point of one’s sword..Rate it:
fall on one's swordTo resign from a job or other position of responsibility, especially when pressured to do so.Rate it:
fall on one's swordTo voluntarily take the blame for a situation.Rate it:
fall on someone's neckTo embrace someone affectionately or thankfully.Rate it:
fall outTo come out of something by falling.Rate it:
fall overTo fall from an upright or standing position to a horizontal or prone position.Rate it:
fall overOf an argument, to fail to be valid.Rate it:
fall overOf a computer program, to crash.Rate it:
fall over oneselfTo be unusually enthusiastic.Rate it:
fall shortTo be less satisfactory than expected; to be inadequate or insufficient.Rate it:
fall throughTo be unsuccessful, abort, come to nothing/naught; to be cancelled; not to proceed.Rate it:
fall through the cracksTo be missed; to escape the necessary notice or attention.Rate it:
fall toTo enter into or begin an activity, especially with enthusiasm or commitment and especially in regard to the activities of eating or drinking.Rate it:
fall to bitsTo fall apartRate it:
fall to piecesTo feel emotionally devastated; to break down.Rate it:
fall togetherTo contract.Rate it:
fall underTo belong to for purposes of categorization.Rate it:
fall uponTo fall on; to experience; to suffer.Rate it:
fall victimto suffer as a result of external circumstances or someone else's actionsRate it:

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