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full of hot airTalking a lot, especially without saying anything of value or meaning.Rate it:
full of itSpeaking nonsense; lying, exaggerating, or boasting.Rate it:
full of oneselfEgotistical, believing oneself to be superior to others; preoccupied with one's own work, interests, point of view, etc.Rate it:
full of piss and vinegarExuberant or enthusiastic, especially to an excessive degree; brazen.Rate it:
full of shitCharacterized by speaking nonsense or falsehoods.Rate it:
full speed aheadA command, especially on military vessels, to move forward at maximum speed.Rate it:
full speed aheadMaximum effort without reservations or delay.Rate it:
Full Steam AheadTo move forward with full energy and strengthRate it:
full tiltAs quickly as possible; very rapidly.Rate it:
full tilt boogieAt the most extreme level.Rate it:
full tilt boogieIn an extremely focused manner.Rate it:
full tilt boogieIntensely, fast paced.Rate it:
full tilt boogieOut of control.Rate it:
full to the brimtotally fullRate it:
full to the gillsCompletely or overly full.Rate it:
full whackThe whole amount.Rate it:
full-blownThe Whole Enchilada, 'Whole Thing', 'Fully Explained', 'Whole StoryRate it:
full-fledgedHaving all its feathers; able to fly.Rate it:
full-fledgedHaving full qualification, credentials or preparation; entire; real.Rate it:
full-stretchStretched to the fullest extent.Rate it:
full-stretchstretched to full extentRate it:
fun and gamesrecreation; nothing serious; easy, enjoyable activities (often used ironically).Rate it:
funk outTo back out in a cowardly fashion.Rate it:
funniesplural form of funnyRate it:
funniesThe section of a newspaper containing comic strips. [from the mid-19th c.]Rate it:
funny boneThe ulnar nerve in the elbow, which, when hit, causes a tingly sensation. [from the 19th c.]Rate it:
funny boneOne's sense of humor.Rate it:
funny farmAn insane asylum.Rate it:
funny manAlternative form of funnymanRate it:
funny manUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see funny,‎ man.Rate it:
funny moneyA highly inflated currency.Rate it:
funny moneyBills of any foreign currency or of counterfeit origin.Rate it:
funny moneyMoney gained in a devious or sneaky manner.Rate it:
funny moneyPlay money.Rate it:
funny stuffIrregular, often illegal, activities.Rate it:
funxuWhen a person is having an absolute blast of a time no thanks to anyone else but only because of themselves.Rate it:
fuss overTo be overly attentive to someone or something.Rate it:
fuzz outto censor by blurring.Rate it:
fyfiFor your further information.Rate it:

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