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fail overTo automatically switch processing from a failed component in a critical system to its live spare or backup component.Rate it:
failure to thriveUsed other than as an idiom: see failure, thrive.Rate it:
failure to thrivePoor physical growth or level of weight, relative to one's age peers.Rate it:
failure to thriveAbnormal weight loss, malaise.Rate it:
failure to thriveInstances of poor physical growth or of abnormal weight loss.Rate it:
fair and squareTotally fairly and undoubtedly.Rate it:
fair and squareWithin the applicable rules.Rate it:
fair enoughAn expression used to concede a point; denotes that, upon consideration, something is correct or reasonable; an expression of acknowledgment or understanding.Rate it:
fair gameA game that is fair, that does not involve cheating etc.Rate it:
fair gameActions permissible by the rules.Rate it:
fair gameAn goal or object that may legitimately be sought.Rate it:
fair is fairAlternative form of fair's fairRate it:
fair offTo clear.Rate it:
fair playGood behavior, following the rulesRate it:
fair sexWomen collectively.Rate it:
fair shakeReasonable, unbiased treatment; a fair deal.Rate it:
fair to middlingOnly tolerably good.Rate it:
fair upTo clearRate it:
fair weather fanA fan who only pays attention to their favorite team when they are preforming well.Rate it:
fair weather friendOnly when it is advantageous or easy.Rate it:
fair's fairAn expression used when asking for fair or just treatment, or when asserting that a situation is fair.Rate it:
fair-haired boySomeone's favourite, especially a young one, a blue-eyed boy (British), (Australian)Rate it:
fair-haired boySomeone's favourite, especially a young one; a blue-eyed boy,Rate it:
Fair-Weather FriendSomeone who is your friend only when you are successful and prosperous but leave you in the time of needRate it:
fair-weather friendOne who is friendly, helpful, or available only when it is advantageous or convenient to be so.Rate it:
faites vos jeuxIn roulette, the call made by the croupier when gamblers can place their bets.Rate it:
faith can move mountainsa strong, fervent belief in one's capability goes a long way in successful accomplishment of a taskRate it:
faith will move mountainsBelief in oneself (read sometimes as belief in God) can help one overcome any hurdle in life's path.Rate it:
fake outTo deceive, mislead, or trick.Rate it:
fall aboard ofTo strike.Rate it:
fall aboutlaugh uncontrollablyRate it:
fall about the placeto laugh uncontrollablyRate it:
fall apartTo break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state.Rate it:
fall apartTo be emotionally in crisis.Rate it:
fall aroundto fall over continuouslyRate it:
fall at the last hurdleTo fail near the end of something.Rate it:
fall awayTo cease to support a person or cause.Rate it:
fall backTo retreat.Rate it:
fall back onTo turn to as a substitute.Rate it:
fall back uponTo fall back on.Rate it:
fall behindTo be progressively below average in performance.Rate it:
fall belowTo go under a marker or limit; to be reduced beyond a certain amount.Rate it:
fall between the cracksTo wind up in an unexpected situation which is, inadvertently, invisible to or not handled by whatever process one had hoped to be subject to; to be overlooked.Rate it:
fall between two stoolsTo attempt two tasks and fail at both, when either one could have been accomplished singly.Rate it:
fall by the waysideTo fail to be completed, particularly for lack of interest; to be left out.Rate it:
fall downTo fall to the ground.Rate it:
fall downTo collapse.Rate it:
fall forTo be fooled; to walk into a trap or respond to a scam or trick.Rate it:
fall forTo fall in love with somebody.Rate it:
fall forbe deceived byRate it:

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