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each to his ownEveryone is entitled to their own opinion or tastes.My housemate is a strict vegan. I personally could never not eat meat, but each to his own.Rate it:
each to their ownAlternative form of each to his ownRate it:
eager beaverWho is very excited or enthusiastic to begin a task.Rate it:
eagle eyegood eyesightRate it:
eagle eyeSomeone with good eyesightRate it:
eagle eyeA close attention to detail.Rate it:
ear splittingvery loudRate it:
ear to the groundThe practice or characteristic of carefully gathering information; a state or mindset of attentiveness.Rate it:
ear to the groundPursuing the practice or having the characteristic of carefully gathering information; well-informed.Rate it:
ear trumpetold hearing aidRate it:
ear tunnelA part of the ear.Rate it:
ear tunnelA piece of jewelry that fits into a stretched earlobe hole and makes it seem like a peephole and makes it see-through.Rate it:
early bathBeing shown a red card in soccer.Rate it:
early birdA person who wakes early or arrives early, typically before most others.Rate it:
Early Bird Catches the WormThose who wake up early and start work have the best possible chances to attain their settled goalsRate it:
early bird catches the wormAlternative form of early bird gets the worm.Rate it:
early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wiseplatitude from Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Poor Richard.Rate it:
earn one's crustTo earn money, to do something as a job.Rate it:
earn one's keepTo perform satisfactory physical labor or to provide other worthy services in return for remuneration, lodging, or other benefits; to support oneself financially.Rate it:
ears are burningBeing the topic of discussion in another place; or sensing that this is happening.Rate it:
Earth toUsed to call the attention of a distracted person.Rate it:
earth upTo cover the stem or leaves of plants with soil, as to encourage root growth or protect from cold.Rate it:
ease offto reduce pressure; to become less seriousRate it:
ease upTo become more relaxedRate it:
ease upTo reduce the speedRate it:
easier said than doneEasy to propose, but difficult to accomplish.Rate it:
east angliaenglish regionRate it:
east of the grainMaking a big deal out of something little.Rate it:
east sussexenglish countyRate it:
easy as ABCExtremely easyRate it:
easy as falling off a logVery easy.Rate it:
Easy as PieVery easy; an effortless task in which no effort is requiredRate it:
easy as pieVery easy.Rate it:
Easy As Rolling Off a LogExtremely easy; need no effortRate it:
Easy Come, Easy GoAnything that comes very easily mostly goes or can be lost easily,Rate it:
easy come, easy goEasily won and easily lost; usually said when resigned to a loss.Rate it:
easy does itRelax; do something gently, lightly or carefully; slow down; calm down.Rate it:
easy for you to sayRequiring little effort or sacrifice on your part, with the implication that it is or has been more difficult for others.Rate it:
easy on the eyeAlternative form of easy on the eyes.Rate it:
easy on the eyesAttractive; beautiful.Rate it:
easy pickingsSomething easily acquired or stolenRate it:
easy streetA carefree situation or lifestyle, especially as resulting from possession of wealth.Rate it:
eat an elephant one bite at a timeTo do something one step at a time; to do something in steps rather than all at once.Rate it:
Eat at Joe'sA generic commercial slogan.Rate it:
eat awayTo erode or corrode gradually.Rate it:
Eat CrowTo be forced to do somewhat very displeasing; to admit your fault or defeat publiclyRate it:
eat crowTo recognize that one has been shown to be mistaken or outdone, especially by admitting that one has made a humiliating error.Rate it:
eat for englandEat too muchRate it:
eat for twoTo be pregnant.Rate it:
Eat Humble PieTo act humble or confess fault; to be sorry or bear dishonorRate it:

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