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deadFiguratively, not alive; lacking life.Rate it:
deadFull and complete.Rate it:
deadNo longer living.Rate it:
deadNo longer used or required.Rate it:
deadNot in play.Rate it:
deadStationary; static.Rate it:
deadUnproductive.Rate it:
deadWithout emotion.Rate it:
deadWithout interest to one of the senses; dull; flat.Rate it:
dead 'n' buriedContraction of dead and buried.Rate it:
dead airAn unintended interruption in a radio broadcast during which there is no sound; a similar interruption of a television broadcast in which there is neither sound nor a video signal.Rate it:
dead and buriedMoot, passed, irrelevant, forgotten.Rate it:
dead as a dodoThat has become out of date.Rate it:
dead as a dodoUndoubtedly and unquestionably dead.Rate it:
dead as a doorknobEntirely, unquestionably or certainly dead.Rate it:
Dead as a DoornailTo lose hope, to become hopeless about successRate it:
dead as a doornailUnquestionably dead. Used for both inanimate objects and once living beings.Rate it:
dead asleepSleeping in a deep sleepRate it:
dead beatexhaustedRate it:
dead cat bounceA temporary recovery in the price of a financial instrument which has fallen rapidly and is expected to fall further in the long run.Rate it:
dead centerThe exact center, as of a targetRate it:
dead centerThe position of the crank of a piston when it is in line with the connecting rodRate it:
dead creature screecherGhost zombie enters your soul to eat your good deeds and bad deeds to enslave your spiritRate it:
Dead DuckA ruined person; a person or plan that is certain to die or failRate it:
dead duckA project that is doomed to failure from the start.Rate it:
dead duckOne who is in serious danger or trouble.Rate it:
dead endcul-de-sacRate it:
dead endA path or strategy that goes nowhere or is blocked on one end.Rate it:
dead fishA sexual partner who lies flat during sex.Rate it:
dead fishUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see dead,‎ fish.Rate it:
dead giveawayObvious, easily apparent.Rate it:
dead heatA close race or contest in which no winner is apparent.Rate it:
dead in the waterNearly dead, doomed.Rate it:
dead in the waterUnproductiveRate it:
dead lastThe standings, often by a considerable margin to the next-to-last-place finisher or after an exceptionally poor showing or season.Rate it:
dead lossAn absolute or total loss.Rate it:
dead meatA corpseRate it:
dead meatSomeone in danger of death or severe punishment.Rate it:
dead menUsed other than as an idiom: see dead, men.Rate it:
dead menThe ends of reefs left flapping instead of being tucked out of sight when a sail has been furled.Rate it:
dead men tell no talesOnce someone is dead, they can no longer communicate, hence killing someone is the best way to keep him/her quiet.Rate it:
dead men's shoesA position or property that is only attainable by someone else upon the current holder's death.Rate it:
dead of nightMiddle of the night.Rate it:
dead onExactly at.Rate it:
dead onexactly rightRate it:
dead ringerSomeone or something that very closely resembles another; someone or something easily mistaken for another.Rate it:
dead set againstCompletely opposed, with no possibility of a change of mind.Rate it:
dead shotPerfect shooterRate it:
dead to rightsWith sufficient evidence to establish responsibility definitively.Rate it:
dead tree editionPaper version of a publication that can be found online.Rate it:

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