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act up toTo equal in action; to fulfill in practice.Rate it:
act uponTo take action on the basis of information received or deduced.Rate it:
acting funnyActing 'funny' means that a person is behaving differently towards you or a group of people.Rate it:
actions speak louder than wordsIt is more effective to act directly than to speak of action.Rate it:
activist judgeA judge or justice who makes rulings based on personal political views or considerations rather than on the law, or who issues rulings intended to have political effects.Rate it:
activist justiceA justice (usually referring to a member of a Supreme, High or Appellate court) who makes rulings based on personal political views or considerations rather than on the law, or who issues rulings intended to have political effects.Rate it:
actors more & stages fewA situation where more are in demand but lacking enough provisions or when right options are scanty or less.Rate it:
ad fontesGo to the sources: An expression emphasizing the importance of conducting fundamental research and of consulting primary sources.Rate it:
ad infinitumwithout any limitRate it:
ad infinitumendlesslyRate it:
ad nauseamuntil people are sick ofRate it:
ad valoremproportionate to the estimated valueRate it:
Adam and Eve not Adam and SteveImplying that only heterosexual relations are normal.Rate it:
Adam TilerA pickpocket's accomplice; the person who takes the goods a pickpocket steals and leaves with them.Rate it:
adams alewaterRate it:
add fuel to fireTo inflame a situation, to make a situation worse.Rate it:
add fuel to the fireTo worsen a conflict between people; to inflame an already tense situation.Rate it:
Add Fuel to the FireTo boost up one’s anger or trouble more with your deeds or words, when he/she is already facing worst situationRate it:
add insult to injuryTo further a loss with mockery or indignity.Rate it:
add insult to injuryTo further a loss with mockery or indignity; to worsen an unfavorable situation.Rate it:
add oilTo make extra effort.Rate it:
add onAlternative form of add-onRate it:
add upTo take a sum.Rate it:
add upTo accumulate; to amount to.Rate it:
add upTo make sense; to be reasonable or consistent.Rate it:
add up toTo have a particular effect.Rate it:
add-onsomething that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement.Rate it:
adding machineA pocket calculator that has very few functions.Rate it:
addle pateA foolish or dull-witted person.Rate it:
adds upTo enhance. " Law of attraction adds up to the success in life."Rate it:
adhocdone if necessaryRate it:
admiral of the blueA landlord or publican wearing a blue apron, as was formerly the custom among men of that vocation.Rate it:
admire toTo want to do; to be enthusiastic about doing.Rate it:
adopt a positive agendaThousands of successful individuals maintain their goals have been achieved mainly because of their positive attitudes in all challenging projects and situations.Rate it:
adopt outTo expel a child from a family by placing them for adoption; to put a child up for adoption privately, without going through an adoption agency.Rate it:
adopt outTo send a son or daughter away to live in another country..Rate it:
adrenaline junkieOne who is seemingly addicted to the sensation of exhilaration associated with risky behaviors or exciting situations, and who actively seeks such opportunities.Rate it:
adroitVery skilled,proficient,proffesionalRate it:
AFAIACInitialism of As far as I am concerned.Rate it:
AFAICMOInitialism of as far as I can make out.Rate it:
AFAICSInitialism of as far as I can see.Rate it:
AFAICTInitialism of as far as I can tell.Rate it:
AFAIRInitialism of as far as I recall.Rate it:
AFAIRInitialism of as far as I remember.Rate it:
AFAIUAs far as I understand.Rate it:
AFAIUIInitialism of as far as I understand it.Rate it:
AFFORDABLE UTILITY VEHICLEHatch back (two box) vehicle with 'utility vehicle' appearance/some features; 'donut tires', e.g. Ford Ecosport. Who Sez?Rate it:
Afraid of Your Own ShadowTo get easily frightened of even minor things or anything unknownRate it:
after allin spite of everythingRate it:
after allIn the end; anyway; referring to something that was believed to be the case, but has now been shown not to be.Rate it:

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