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Aaron's beardCymbalaria muralis (ivy-leaved toadflax, Kenilworth ivy)Rate it:
Aaron's beardHypericum calycinum (great St. John's-wort, Jerusalem star)Rate it:
Aaron's beardSaxifraga stolonifera (creeping saxifrage, strawberry geranium)Rate it:
Aaron's beardOpuntia leucotricha (arborescent prickly pear, Aaron's beard cactus)Rate it:
Aaron's beardUsed other than as an idiom: see Aaron, 's, beard.Rate it:
Abbot's PriorySynonym of King's Bench PrisonRate it:
ABCThe alphabet.Rate it:
ABCA type of poem in which the lines start with the letters of the alphabet in order.Rate it:
ABCA primer for teaching the Latin alphabet and first elements of reading.Rate it:
ABCThe fundamentals of any subject.Rate it:
ABCA straightforward, uniform playing style, often focusing on betting for value, folding weak hands, and avoiding bluffing.Rate it:
ABCA British alphabetized guidebook for trains and their stations.Rate it:
abide byTo accept a decision or law and act in accordance with it; to conform to; to acquiesce; as, to abide by an award.Rate it:
abide byTo remain faithful to something or someone; to stand to; to adhere.Rate it:
abide withTo remain or live with someone.Rate it:
able forFit to cope with.Rate it:
able seamanordinary sailorRate it:
able to get a word in edgewiseAble to participate in the conversation; able to interrupt another person's monologue.Rate it:
abominable snowmanyetiRate it:
abound inTo have something in great numbers or quantities; to possess in such abundance as to be characterized by.Rate it:
abound withTo have something in great numbers or quantities; to possess in such abundance as to be characterized by.Rate it:
about timeClose to the right time.Rate it:
about timeFar past the desired time.Rate it:
about toIndicates something that will happen very soon; indicates that something is imminent.Rate it:
about turnA complete change of opinion, direction, etc.Rate it:
about turnAn about face; a military command to a formation of soldiers to reverse the direction in which they are facing.Rate it:
about usUsually describes who you or your company are.Rate it:
above and beyondMore than is expected or required.Rate it:
above and beyond the call of dutyExtremely heroic, more heroic that what is expected.Rate it:
above boardHonestly, reputably.Rate it:
above one's bendOut of one's control or power.Rate it:
above one's stationOf higher social status than is suitable for one's position, standing or rank.Rate it:
above parMore than par for the hole or courseRate it:
above parBetter than the average or normal standardRate it:
above parHaving a price below its face valueRate it:
above the curveWith above average innovative performance or quality, especially a trailblazer developing advances before competitors.Rate it:
above the foldThe term "above the fold" refers to the part of a webpage that users can see without scrolling down.Rate it:
above the lawExempt from the laws that apply to everyone else.Rate it:
above the saltOf high standing or honor.Rate it:
above waterOut of difficulty, especially financial.Rate it:
absence makes the heart grow fonderWhen someone or something is faraway, you realise how much you love (or miss) them or it.Rate it:
absent mindedforgetfulRate it:
absente reoThe defendant being absent.Rate it:
absorb oneself inTo become preoccupied by.Rate it:
absque hocThe technical words of denial used in denying what has been alleged.Rate it:
absque impetitione vastiWithout impeachment of waste.Rate it:
abstemious inEating and drinkingRate it:
abstract awayto generalize concepts or their application by using abstraction into a more usable formRate it:
abstract awayto omit, ignoreRate it:
abstract ideaUsed other than as an idiom: see abstract, idea.Rate it:

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