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a force of ha itDo with regularityRate it:
a force to reckon withA competition or entity which is strong with experiences, trained personnel, good reputation, hundreds of successful projects.Rate it:
a fresh fucked fox in a forest fireSomething which is extremely hot, in any sense. Hot weather, sexual arousal, one who is wanted by the police, etc. are all described as "hotter than..." or "as hot as a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire",Rate it:
a friend in need is a friend indeedA true friend is one who helps you when you are in need.Rate it:
a gentleman and a scholarAn admirable person.Rate it:
a golden key can open any doorSufficient money can accomplish anything.Rate it:
a good beginning makes a good endingGood beginnings promise a good end; start off on a good note to reap the benefits at the end.Rate it:
a good dealVery much; to a great extent; a lot; lots.Rate it:
a good dealA large amount; a lot.Rate it:
a good man is hard to findMen who make good husbands or workers are rare.Rate it:
a good voice to beg baconSaid in ridicule of a bad voice.Rate it:
a goose has wandered onto one’s midsection.To experience a warm and fuzzy feeling inside ones chest; to feel content and happy.Rate it:
a great dealVery much; to a great extent; a lot; lots.Rate it:
a hair's breadthA very small distance or amountRate it:
a hit dog will hollaif one is guilty, then that guilt will ultimately be revealed.Rate it:
a horny handed son of the soilA hard working gardener or a farmercalRate it:
a house divided against itself cannot standA group or organisation weakened by internal dissent will not remain united.Rate it:
a house is not a homeA home is not merely a building but requires inhabitants and a friendly atmosphere.Rate it:
a hundred and ten percentA level of effort exceeding one's sustained capacity, possibly risking injury.Rate it:
a hundred and ten percentThe exertion of more than seems possible, hence 110%, not 100%, the usual maximum amount possible.Rate it:
a into gAss into gear.Rate it:
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stepeven the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting pointRate it:
a la carteorder and payRate it:
a leopard cannot change its spotsOne cannot change one's own nature.1597, William Shakespeare, Richard II Act i, Scene 1 (First Folio):King. Lyons make Leopards tame.Mowbray. Yea but not change his ?pots.1611, King James Version of the Bible, Jeremiah 13:23:Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?1820, Walter Scott, Ivanhoe Chapter 32:End now all unkindness. Let us put the Jew to ransom, since the leopard will not change his spots, and a Jew he will continue to be.1918, Johnston McCulley, Thubway Tham's Inthane Moment:The leopard cannot change his spots, old boy.Rate it:
a lie comes back sooner or laterYou can't run from a lie, it will return to you at some point.Rate it:
a lie has no legsYou can't get away with a lie, the truth will always come out.Rate it:
a life of its ownAn independent existence with some characteristics of life.Rate it:
a lifeboata saving grace, a financial assist, assistance from an apparent unsolvable situation.Rate it:
a lifestyle overhaula complete revision of one's way of livingRate it:
a little bird told meOf information which was gathered from a source not to be overtly exposed.Rate it:
a little bit of bread and no cheesethe song of the yellowhammer.Rate it:
a little from column A, a little from column BA combination of two factors or reasons.Rate it:
a little knowledge is a dangerous thingThe proverb 'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing' expresses the idea that a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made.Rate it:
a lotA large amount.Rate it:
a lotMany things, much.Rate it:
a lotvery much; a great deal; to a large extent.Rate it:
a lotoften; frequentlyRate it:
a lot of malarkeyStatements, results, appearances which are unproven, present myriad shortfalls, do not appear within plausible parameters.Rate it:
a magician never reveals his secretsA polite refusal by someone who has just done a magic trick to reveal how it works.Rate it:
a magician never reveals his secretsA refusal to explain how one accomplished something impressive.Rate it:
a man is known by the company he keepsPeople are similar in character to their friends.Rate it:
a man's home is his castle(US) a proverbial expression of personal privacy and securityRate it:
a man/woman after your own hearta man or woman who likes the same things or has the same opinions as youRate it:
a million timesby a factor of a millionRate it:
a miss is as good as a mileA failure remains a failure, regardless of how close to success one has actually come.Rate it:
a morning birdThat means the bird always wakes up early in the morning to find its meal.Rate it:
a needle in a haystackIt means when something is extremely difficult (or impossible) to find.Rate it:
a new broom sweeps cleanNew management will often make radical changes.Rate it:
a nod is as good as a winkThe hint, suggestion etc can be understood without further explaining.Rate it:
a notch aboveSuperior to; of a higher quality than.Rate it:

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