Found 23 phrases starting with N:


na minha opiniãoin my opinionRate it:
na ponta da línguaknown by heart, completelyRate it:
nada maunot badRate it:
nada nessa mãoA phrase commonly associated with shows of magic, where the performer assures that his hand is empty, therefore he is not holding any tools to aid his tricks.Rate it:
não brincano kiddingRate it:
não custa nadaSaid to justify doing something that is easy to be done, especially when one is reluctant or doubtful about doing it.Rate it:
não deu outraPhrase used when a situation previously expected as undesirable actually occurs.Rate it:
não digaAlternative form of não me digaRate it:
não há de quêyou're welcomeRate it:
não há lugar como o nosso larAlternative form of não há lugar como nosso larRate it:
não me digaUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see não, me, diga.Rate it:
não me digayou don't sayRate it:
não sei das quantasA placeholder.Rate it:
não sei, não quero saber e tenho raiva de quem sabeI definitely don't care.Rate it:
nem carne nem peixeneither fish nor fowlRate it:
nem mas, nem meio mas"absolutely not!", "but me no buts", as a response and means of interrupting another person who started a phrase with mas.Rate it:
nem me falatell me about itRate it:
nem me faleAlternative form of nem me falaRate it:
ninguém é de ferroExpresses the belief that sometimes, or to some extent, it's normal or understandable succumbing to temptations.Rate it:
NMHOAlternative form of EMHO; Abbreviation of na minha humilde opinião.Rate it:
noves forarefers to the act of casting out ninesRate it:
noves forarefers to the act of verification, looking for proofRate it:
nunca diga nuncanever say neverRate it:

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