Found 33 phrases starting with E:


é bom queone/you/he/they/etc. betterRate it:
é bom queUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see é, bom, que.Rate it:
e comoUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see e, como.Rate it:
e comoand how !Rate it:
e lá vai fumaçaUsed to fill in an unknown number or year.Rate it:
e olha que"and mind you"!Rate it:
e olhe láUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see e, olhe, lá.Rate it:
e olhe láUsed to end a sentence, indicates that a small improvement is already more than expected and one should not hope for more.Rate it:
e por aí foraand so on; and so forthRate it:
é proibido fumarno smokingRate it:
é quethe thing isRate it:
e taland suchRate it:
e talodd; approximatelyRate it:
e tudoUsed to emphasize something absurd.Rate it:
e uns quebradosand changeRate it:
em relação ain relation toRate it:
EMHOIMHO. Abbreviation of em minha humilde opinião.Rate it:
era só o que me faltavaliterally: “ was the only missing piece for me/ was just what I was missing.” either expresses impatience towards yet another misfortune or expresses disbelief towards an absurd statement: “give me a break!”Rate it:
esculpido em Carraradoppelganger; someone physically very similar to someone else.Rate it:
essa Coca é FantaSaid to announce that a man is gay or effeminate.Rate it:
essa é velhabeen there, done thatRate it:
estamos conversados?Do I make myself clear?Rate it:
estamos quitesWe are even.Rate it:
eu mereçoused to express frustrationRate it:
eu mereçoUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see eu, mereço.Rate it:
eu não entendoI don't understandRate it:
eu não falo inglêsI don't speak EnglishRate it:
eu não falo portuguêsI don't speak PortugueseRate it:
eu poderia comer um cavaloI could eat a horseRate it:
eu preciso de uma camisinhaI need a condomRate it:
eu sou mais euI have self-confidence.Rate it:
eu tenho uma perguntaI have a questionRate it:
existem casos e casosThere are different cases with different circumstances to be considered separately.Rate it:

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  • B. protest
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