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if fait mine de ne pas comprendreHe pretends not to understand.Rate it:
il a 40,000 francs de rente au bas motHe has £1600 a year at the very least.Rate it:
il a accroché sa montre (pop.)He has “popped” his watch.Rate it:
il a avalé la pratique de polichinelleHe is very hoarse.Rate it:
il a battu les buissons et un autre a pris les oiseauxIl s'est donné beaucoup de peine et un autre en a profité.Rate it:
il a battu les buissons, un autre a pris l’oiseauHe did the work and another had the profit.Rate it:
il a beau parler, il ne me convaincra pasIt is of no use for him to speak, he will not convince me; Let him say what he will, he will not convince me.Rate it:
il a beaucoup de savoir faireHe has his wits about him; He knows how to manage people.Rate it:
il a bec et onglesHe will fight with beak and claw, tooth and nail.Rate it:
il a bientôt assemblé son conseilHe makes up his mind without consulting any one.Rate it:
il a bon dosHis back is broad enough to stand a good deal.Rate it:
il a bon pied, bon œilHe is sound, wind and limb; He is hale and hearty.Rate it:
il a bonne façonHe has good style; He is well got up.Rate it:
il a bu un coup de tropHe has had a drop too much.Rate it:
il a cela à cœur1. He is striving hard to do it. 2. He takes a lively interest in it.Rate it:
il a changé son cheval borgne contre un aveugleHe has changed for the worse; He has made a bad bargain.Rate it:
il a connu la gêneHe knows what want is.Rate it:
il a craché en l’air et ça lui est retombé sur le nez (pop.)He wished to do harm to another but it recoiled on himself.Rate it:
il a de la corde de pendu dans sa pocheHe has the devil’s own luck.Rate it:
il a de l’esprit comme quatreHe is very witty.Rate it:
il a de l’esprit jusqu’au bout des onglesHe is witty to the tips of his fingers; He is extremely witty.Rate it:
il a des fourmis dans les jambesHe is fidgety, restless.Rate it:
il a des jambes de quinze ansHe still walks well.Rate it:
il a dit pis que pendre de vousHe said everything that was bad of you; According to him, hanging is too good for you.Rate it:
il a donné tête baissée dans le piège (panneau)He ran headlong into the trap.Rate it:
il a du bien au soleilHe has landed property.Rate it:
il a du pain sur la plancheHe has saved money; He has enough to live upon; He has put something by for a rainy day; There is plenty of work for him to do.Rate it:
il a du savoir vivreHe knows how to behave; He is well bred.Rate it:
il a écrit vingt pages sans débriderHe has written twenty pages at a stretch.Rate it:
il a employé le vert et le sec pour y parvenirHe left no stone unturned to secure success.Rate it:
il a épousé un bon partiHe made a good match.Rate it:
il a été mis à la porte par les oreilles et les deux épaulesHe was turned out ignominiously, neck and crop.Rate it:
il a été reçu d’embléeHe passed his examination the first time he went up, without any difficulty.Rate it:
il a eu gain de causeHe gained the day.Rate it:
il a eu le malheur de se brouiller avec la justiceHe was unfortunate enough to fall out with justice (i.e. to be punished by imprisonment, fine, etc.).Rate it:
il a eu plus de peur que de malHe was more frightened than hurt.Rate it:
il a éventé (or, vendu) la mècheHe has let the cat out of the bag; He has blown the gaff.Rate it:
il a fait cela haut la mainHe did it with the greatest ease.Rate it:
il a fait de cent sous quatre livres, et de quatre livres rienHe has brought his noble to ninepence, and his ninepence to nothing.Rate it:
il a fait jouer tous les ressortsHe used all the means in his power.Rate it:
il a fait la noce toute la semaineHe has had a high old time of it all the week; He has been on the spree all the week.Rate it:
il a fait le tour du cadran1. He has slept the clock round. 2. He has worked for twelve hours at a stretch.Rate it:
il a fait sa peloteHe has feathered his nest.Rate it:
il a fait ses affaires dans les vinsHe made his money in the wine trade.Rate it:
il a fait un bon coupHe has made a good bargain.Rate it:
il a fait un pied de nez (fam.)He put his fingers to his nose; “He cut a snook.”Rate it:
il a fait une sortieHe flew into a passion.Rate it:
il a jeté tout son feu1. His anger is over now. 2. He has used up all his ideas.Rate it:
il a joué des jambesHe took to flight.Rate it:
il a la langue bien pendueHe has the gift of the gab.Rate it:

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