Found 21 phrases starting with D:

da lachen ja die HühnerExclamation at something ridiculous, silly, or completely unsatisfactory.Rate it:
da sei Gott vorGod forbid; said when mentioning a possible and undesirable future eventRate it:
dafür nichtdon't mention it, you're welcomeRate it:
darüber hinausfurthermoreRate it:
das Geld zum Fenster hinauswerfento throw money awayRate it:
das kann man wohl sagenyou can say that againRate it:
das kannst du laut sagenyou can say that againRate it:
das Kind fällt in den Brunnena disaster happens or becomes inevitable; it is too late for precautions that should have been taken earlierRate it:
das war'sthat's all, that's itRate it:
das war'sUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see das, war, es.Rate it:
dein Wort in Gottes Ohrfrom your lips to God's ears; I wish; expresses that the speaker wants a preceding statement to be true, but considers it unlikely or at least doubtfulRate it:
dein Wunsch ist mir Befehlyour wish is my commandRate it:
den grünen Daumen habento have a green thumbRate it:
der Amtsschimmel wiehertthere is an excessive amount of bureaucracy; someone or some organization is being excessively bureaucraticRate it:
der Reihe nachone by one, in turnRate it:
des weiterenfurthermore, in additionRate it:
die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzthope springs eternalRate it:
die kuh ist vom eis.Das Problem ist bewältigt.Rate it:
die Sonne geht aufthe sun risesRate it:
die Sonne geht aufremark made when a particularly pleasant person appearsRate it:
die Zelte abbrechento pull up stakesRate it:

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