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Go Over With a Fine-Tooth Comb

To examine something with great attention, to search something thoroughly

Police went over the house with a fine toothcomb, but was unable to collect any evidence.

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Head and Shoulders above Someone
To be superior in something, to be better in quality and talent than others
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Head Honcho
The person who is a leader or is in charge of something, the chief or boss
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
Have Your Heart in Your Mouth
To have a feeling of extreme fear, be too afraid of something
fazygull 16 Dec 2014
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Used to signify a life situation that has already happened and cannot be changed; there...
cheechdiaz 26 Jun 2014
Cut to the Chase
To avoid procrastination or distractions and get to the point.
cheechdiaz 30 Jun 2014
Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public
To discuss your personal matters and conflicts publicly specifically when you argue wit...
fazygull 17 Nov 2014
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